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Build custom web & mobile apps faster.
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Zoho Creator is a low-code development platform designed to assist businesses in creating custom mobile and web applications. It provides a framework for rapid application development for various use cases, including building internal tools to improve organizational collaboration and streamline approval processes, creating self-service portals for access to products and services, and developing core systems that support usually complex operational areas such as supply chain management and enterprise resource planning.

This platform also offers functionality to enhance existing systems, from other Zoho services or third-party systems, for tailored use-cases.Notable features of Zoho Creator include a multi-device app creator and an interface that supports the visual process of app designing.

This means that apps are created using a drag-and-drop system to customize features, with iOS and Android versions generated automatically. Further functionalities include over 550 prebuilt integrations, process automation, real-time analytics, and the ability to integrate AI into business apps without coding experience.

Available tools allow businesses to collect data, automate processes, generate reports and facilitate collaboration. Applications developed via Zoho Creator feature native support for iOS and Android, enabling real-time data access from anywhere.

In terms of security, Zoho Creator separates data logically between customers and ensures secure retention and backup in multiple geographic locations.

Zoho upholds ISO27001/27017/27018 certifications, guaranteeing security, confidentiality, and high availability.


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Pros and Cons


Low-code development
Custom mobile & web applications
Rapid application development
Improves organizational collaboration
Streamlines approval processes
Creates self-service portals
Supports supply chain management
Supports enterprise resource planning
Enhances existing systems
Interface supports visual app designing
Multi-device app creation
Apps built with drag-and-drop
Automatic iOS and Android versions
Over 550 prebuilt integrations
Process automation
Real-time analytics
Data collection tools
Report generation tools
Facilitates collaboration
Native support for iOS and Android
Real-time data access
Secure data retention and backup
Data logically separated between customers
Backup in multiple geographic locations
ISO27001/27017/27018 certified
Free ready-to-use business apps
Customizable application templates
Cloud storage


Low-code may limit customizability
Limited to existing integrations
Depends on Zoho ecosystem
Inability to handle complex algorithms
Not open source
Learning curve for drag-and-drop system
Limited free plan features
Possible data lock-in
Multi-device support restricted to iOS/Android


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