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Simplified app development for non-tech users
Generated by ChatGPT is an award-winning app development platform that utilizes AI technology to streamline the process of developing mobile apps. The platform aims to make app development faster and more cost-effective by leveraging the power of AI.

Users with little to no technical knowledge can easily create their own custom apps, as's intuitive interface eliminates the need for extensive coding expertise.The platform offers a range of products and solutions to cater to different business needs.

Builder StudioTM allows users to create custom apps and retain complete ownership of the code. Studio StoreTM provides ready-to-go apps for selling goods and services online, without taking a percentage of profits.

Builder NowTM enables users to transform app ideas into working prototypes quickly, which can be shared with internal teams and investors. Studio RapidTM enables the rapid development and launching of enterprise apps within also offers hosting services through Builder Cloud, which ensures significant cost savings on cloud services.

Additionally, Studio One provides comprehensive software support, encompassing all necessary services in one place.The platform serves various industries, including retail and e-commerce, financial services, healthcare, construction, travel and hospitality, education, and media and entertainment. provides resources such as case studies, expert guides, blog articles, and FAQs to assist users in starting, running, and marketing their apps.Overall, is a user-friendly app development platform that harnesses the potential of AI to simplify the app development process and make it accessible to a wider audience.


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Pros and Cons


Custom app ownership
Ready-to-go e-commerce apps
Rapid enterprise app development
Comprehensive software support
Significant cloud services cost-saving
Fast prototype creation
No-code app building
Upfront pricing model
Fixed timelines
No cut from profits
Cross-sector application
Resourceful assistance - guides, blogs
Customizable app features dashboard access
Continuous technical support
Teamed with product experts
Free ecommerce app
Intuitive builder
Serves different business sizes
Industry-specific solutions
Mockup creation tool


No open-source code
Limited app customizability
No free-tier pricing
Rapid development may lack thoroughness
Not built for tech-savvy users
Potentially inefficient for simple apps
Limited industry-specific solutions


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