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Codeless mobile app development.
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Bravo Studio is a no-code mobile app builder for iOS and Android. It allows users to create minimum viable products (MVPs), validate ideas, and publish their apps on the App Store and Google Play Store.

The tool offers design integration and API functionality, providing flexibility in app development. It also includes add-ons such as Pro, Advanced, and Business options for enhanced features and support.With a focus on empowering product teams, Bravo Studio offers production support solutions to help unleash the tool's full potential.

The platform provides resources for learning, such as tutorials, crash courses, webinars, videos, showcases, and apps made by users, as well as a blog for staying updated with news and industry articles.One of Bravo Studio's key features is the Bravorizer Figma plugin, which eliminates the hassle of designing an app from scratch by offering UI presets, pre-configured Bravotags, customizable containers, and a built-in AI assistant.The tool has gained popularity globally, being utilized by over 100,000 users and businesses.

It enables the creation of powerful, design-first native mobile apps with full control over design and backend functionality. Bravo Studio allows for building various types of apps, including meditation apps, fitness apps, CRM apps, restaurant apps, event apps, recipe apps, school apps, and kids stories apps.Bravo Studio offers design flexibility through its Figma plugin, allowing for fast and seamless building.

It goes beyond traditional prototyping by enabling the creation of fully clickable prototypes that feel like live mobile apps. With real-time changes, Bravo Vision for testing variations, and the ability to connect real data via API or integrations, users can iterate quickly.

Finally, the tool enables users to share their apps with stakeholders, teams, or users for user testing and feedback.


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Pros and Cons


No-code mobile app development
Publish apps on App Store and Google Play
Design integration and API functionality
Pro, Advanced, Business add-ons
Production support solutions
Learning resources: tutorials, crash courses, webinars, videos
Bravorizer Figma plugin
Pre-configured Bravotags
Customizable containers
Used by 100,000+ businesses
Build various types of apps
Fast and seamless building with Figma
Real-time changes
Bravo Vision for testing variations
Connect real data via API
Share apps for user testing and feedback
Can build clickable prototypes
Feed prototypes with real data
Fast iteration
Preview app before publishing
Capability to convert Figma and Adobe XD files into native apps
Connect external data source with a REST API
Simultaneous iOS and Android deployment
Ensure total design freedom
Supports third-party backend


Limited to mobile apps
Reliance on third-party backend
Figma dependency for designs
No inbuilt backend solutions
Active plugin needed for features
Requires REST API for datasources
No desktop app development
No mention of security features
Limited to iOS, Android platforms
Requires learning new 'Bravotags'


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