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Automatically swipe on dating apps with AI
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Baddie Finder is an AI-enhanced tool for automating the swiping process on popular dating apps Tinder and Bumble. After obtaining a string of text (cookies) from your browser, the tool uses this information to swipe based on the preferences already set up in your dating app.

These preferences may include criteria like location and other filters. Using a cutting edge AI algorithm designed to evaluate profile photos, Baddie Finder automates the swiping process for you.

Profiles that meet your preferences receive a 'right swipe', signalling interest, and those that don't, a 'left swipe'. The AI operates daily in the background, allowing users to review its activity at their convenience.

Users also have the opportunity to upload a photo and get an evaluation of whether the AI would swipe right or not. Although the current version does not learn user preferences based on their 'likes', or include a messaging feature, future updates may include these functionalities.

The tool aims to make the online dating process more efficient by automating it and reducing manual interaction.


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Baddie Finder was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 28th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Automates swiping
Operates daily in background
User convenience
Auto swipes based on preferences
Profile photo evaluation
Use of browser cookies
Potential future updates
Efficiency in online dating
Supports Tinder and Bumble
Plans for chat feature
500+ swipes per day
Image recognition algorithm
Potential learning from likes
Photo upload and evaluation
Activity review at leisure
Hard to detect by apps


Doesn't learn user preferences
No messaging feature
Dependent on browser cookies
Risk of account ban
No MacOS or iOS version
Only supports Tinder and Bumble
Lacks advanced settings
No swipe sensitivity adjustment
Potential privacy issues


What is Baddie Finder?
How does Baddie Finder work?
What data does Baddie Finder use to automate the swiping process?
What preferences does Baddie Finder take into consideration?
How does Baddie Finder evaluate profile photos?
Can I see Baddie Finder's activity on my dating profile?
Can Baddie Finder evaluate photos I upload to predict its swiping decision?
Does Baddie Finder learn my preferences over time?
Does Baddie Finder message matches for me?
What are the future plans for Baddie Finder?
Does Baddie Finder work with both Tinder and Bumble?
Does Baddie Finder run in the background?
What is the pricing for Baddie Finder?
Are there any free trials for Baddie Finder?
How often does Baddie Finder swipe
Will using Baddie Finder get me banned from Tinder or Bumble?
Where can I sign up for Baddie Finder?
Does Baddie Finder help improve efficiency in online dating?
Can Baddie Finder guarantee matches?
What support is available for Baddie Finder users?

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