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Accelerate application development with Openkoda.
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Openkoda is an AI-powered open-source platform designed for efficient business application development. The platform offers pre-built application templates that aid in the streamlining of development cycles, enabling users to focus on unique functionality rather than building from scratch.

These customizable templates are suitable for a range of applications, including but not limited to, insurance policy management and time tracking software.

Furthermore, the platform is designed to avoid vendor-lock in, providing developers with full ownership of their code, allowing for considerable flexibility and control.

Openkoda also lays the groundwork for quick development of Minimum Viable Products (MVPs), offering pre-established core functionalities that can be easily customized to meet specific business needs.

The platform also lends itself for application modernization, effectively helping organizations update, migrate, or re-platform their legacy systems. As an added advantage, Openkoda employs Artificial Intelligence (AI) which extends its business logic and user interface capabilities.

As a scalable and secure platform, it provides multi-tenancy options and continuous OWASP security scans, ensuring a reliable solution for application development.


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Pros and Cons


Open-source platform
Pre-built application templates
Efficient business application development
Streamlines development cycles
Customizable templates
Avoids vendor-lock
Full code ownership
Assists with MVP development
Supports application modernization
Legacy system migration
Scalable platform
Secure platform
Multi-tenancy options
Continuous OWASP security scans
Insurance policy management software
Time tracking software
Customizable core functionalities
60% faster application development
Unlimited features
No vendor lock-in
Open source core
Aid for legacy softwares
Helps in MVP development
Partners to extend functionality
Multi-tenant, secure, scalable
Trusted by SAAS companies
Flexible code run
Freedom from vendor lock-ins
Various multi-tenancy options
Empower users with customization
Can run in both public and private clouds
Free open source license


Focus on business applications only
Requires technical knowledge for customization
Limited range of application templates
No mention of real-time collaboration
No indicated support for mobile platforms
Legacy system support unclear
Customization might still require coding
No clear debugging or testing tools


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What is the process of developing an MVP with Openkoda?
How is vendor-lock in avoidance achieved in Openkoda?
How do I customise the application templates offered by Openkoda?
Does Openkoda offer any partnerships or collaborations to businesses?
Can I use my code outside the Openkoda platform?
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What are multi-tenancy options in Openkoda?
How does Openkoda support faster application development?
Can Openkoda be used for development of insurance policy management software?
Can Openkoda platform aid in time tracking software development?
What are the steps to introduce a new feature on an application using Openkoda?
How does Openkoda help in reducing development costs?
Do you provide any case studies where Openkoda has been successfully used?

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