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StylerAI is an artificial intelligence driven tool offering comprehensive management of your wardrobe. It aims to make way for more organized fashion choices.

This tool provides features like automatic background removal to create a clean catalog of your clothes. With its advanced technology, it delivers detailed descriptions of your clothes and categorizes them automatically for easy tracking.

One of the key aspects of StylerAI is its ability to provide personalized style suggestions. Based on your existing wardrobe, the AI generates style that would complement you and presents them in an intuitive card-swiping interface.

This feature lets you explore new looks and refine your style preference seamlessly. StylerAI also allows for daily outfit logging, keeping track of your styles for you.

The tool offers a sync-across-devices-functionality, which ensures that your wardrobe data is updated across all your devices. Developed by Thought Tides LLC, StylerAI is designed for iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

The application respects privacy while collecting, for example, usage data and information linked to you like contact info, user content, and identifiers.


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Apr 2, 2024
Any plans for an Android release?

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Pros and Cons


Comprehensive wardrobe management
Automatic background removal
Delivers detailed clothes descriptions
Automatic clothes categorization
Personalized style suggestions
Card-swiping interface
Daily outfit logging
Sync-across-devices functionality
Specifically designed for iOS devices
Privacy respecting
Wardrobe composition by color and brand
Item ranking feature
Improved background removal latency
Developer support


Only for iOS devices
Requires iOS 13.0 or later
38.3 MB size
Doesn't support Android
No Multi-language support
Collects personal data
Limited to clothing items
No Web Application
Requires visionOS 1.0
Potential privacy concerns


What is StylerAI?
How does StylerAI work?
What devices are compatible with StylerAI?
How does StylerAI help in wardrobe management?
What type of descriptions does StylerAI provide for my clothes?
Can StylerAI suggest styles that would complement me?
What is the card-swiping interface feature in StylerAI?
Does StylerAI keep a log of my daily outfits?
What is the purpose of the sync-across-devices-functionality?
Who developed StylerAI?
How does StylerAI ensure user privacy?
What information does StylerAI collect from its users?
What is the automatic background removal feature in StylerAI?
How does StylerAI categorize clothes automatically?
Can StylerAI help me refine my style preference?
Is StylerAI available for Android devices?
Can StylerAI create a clean catalog of my clothes?
What is the storage size requirement for installing StylerAI on my iPhone?
Does StylerAI offer a feature to add item ranking in my wardrobe?
What are the new updates in the latest version of StylerAI?

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