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Personal, stocks, & code bots for decision-making.
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Arclight AI is a software development company specialized in artificial intelligence products. The company offers a range of AI bots, including a personal assistant that can communicate with users through chat, search, refine and manage WeChat groups.

They also provide an Intelligent Stock Market Insight bot (ISMIB) that offers real-time, accurate market data to traders, enhancing decision-making capabilities.

Additionally, Arclight AI has developed a cross-border trade commodity copy translation robot, which offers multilingual copy translation services for global e-commerce platforms.

The company has also created an advanced LeetCode tutoring AI that offers customized support for computer science students, supplying in-depth solutions to diverse LeetCode challenges.Arclight AI provides efficient development solutions for developers through a developer portal where they can drag and drop the UI to customize their AI bot, and open permissions of AI bots on the backend of their website.

The company has a comprehensive approach to its AI solutions and focuses on improved robot UX, problem resolution, and productivity enhancement.Arclight AI's AI bots are integrated with natural language and database searching capabilities, enabling users to obtain precise and effective search results quickly and conveniently.

Their bots can perform multi-platform tasks and seamlessly connect across platforms. Arclight AI is committed to delivering intelligent, efficient, and sustainable solutions across various sectors through its innovative and comprehensive AI products.


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Pros and Cons


Personal assistant bot
Stocks market bot
Translation bot
LeetCode tutoring bot
Bot for developers
Improve robot UX
Multi-purpose bots
Problem resolution
Productivity enhancement
Database searching capabilities
Multi-platform tasks
Seamless platform connection
Efficient development solutions
Customizable bot UI
Backend permissions access
Integrated with WeChat
Real-time market data
Cross-border translation
In-depth coding solutions
Natural language interaction
User psychology recognition
Web crawling
Semantic Search
Reusable code framework
Context language analysis
Pre-trained models' library
API integration support
Available on App Store


Only on App Store
Subscription based
No Android support
Limited multi-language support
No Free tier availability
Relies heavily on community support
Prioritizes UX over functionality
Complex subscription plans
Limited debugging tools


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