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Byjoaquin trujillo
Imagine the unimaginable with ChatGPT.
Sample prompts:
What are you doing now that you've left OpenAI, Sam?
What's your take on the future of AI?
Any advice for entrepreneurs?
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The tool dubbed 'Sam Altman Unemployed' utilizes the principles of Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPTs) for a unique use case. This tool is primarily designed to replicate a conversation with Sam Altman, former president of the artificial intelligence (AI) laboratory OpenAI.

The aim is to provide an interactive platform for engaging with automated speech inspired by Sam Altman's career, insights, and perspectives, especially following him stepping down from his position at OpenAI.

Important topics for discussion within this tool include Altman's take on the future of AI and advice for entrepreneurs, among other things. However, unlike traditional chat software, this tool doesnt involve human operators on the other end.

Instead, it uses GPT technology and interacts based on learned patterns and algorithms. It helps simulate a conversation with Sam Altman by choosing appropriate responses to uttered prompts.

While the tool is designed to inspire meaningful conversations on AI and entrepreneurship, it should be noted that the responses are machine generated and not the actual thoughts or views of Sam Altman.

This GPT tool specifically calls for ChatGPT Plus membership, which implies access may require a subscription.


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