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Build high-converting chatbots without coding.
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Chatbot Daddy is an intuitive tool designed to simplify the construction of chatbots and conversational forms. It is an accessible chatbot builder requiring no coding skills, offering a solution for automating customer interactions, helping customers select suitable products, and generating leads.

Users can create and manage their chatbots through the Chatbot Daddy application, eliminating the need for consistent IT support.Chatbot Daddy allows users to embed their constructed chatbots onto their websites or establish standalone conversational landing pages, aiming to increase conversion rates and lead collection.

Furthermore, it enhances user engagement by transforming traditionally dull forms into interactive, conversational interfaces.The tool also facilitates automation of various business processes.

These include product recommendations, lead collection, leads scoring, sales automation, and form and settings customization without the need for IT specialists.

Additionally, it can auto-upload leads into a user's Customer Relationship Management tool and send email notifications.In a unique feature, the platform provides an option to code the chatbot using human-readable code inspired by markdown.

This empowers users with technical expertise to create, share, or sell chatbot templates in the form of text files, providing an additional degree of flexibility.Built to be used anywhere, you can link your chatbot to various applications you frequently use, subscribe users to newsletters, and receive email notifications.

The interactive builder makes the process as simple as creating a Word document, making it an effortless experience for users.


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Pros and Cons


Intuitive chatbot builder
No coding skills required
Automates customer interactions
Product recommendation feature
Generates leads
Allows chatbot management
Reduces IT support need
Embeddable chatbots
Creates conversational landing pages
Increases conversion rates
Transforms dull forms
Automates business processes
Customizable forms and settings
Can auto-upload leads
CRM integration
Email notification feature
Option to use code
Markdown-inspired code
Ability to share chatbot templates
Multiple application linkages
Allows user subscription to newsletters
Interactive builder facilitated
Free chatbot builder
Standalone Chatbot Daddy URL
Native integrations (Pipedrive, Sendy, Mailchimp)
Visual chatbot builder feature
Chatbot Markup Code
Full design customization
Allows one site-wide bot
Supports chatbot sequences
Built to be used anywhere


Doesn't specify supported platforms
No multi-language support mentioned
Lack of analytics capabilities
No mention of security measures
Lacks pre-built chatbot templates
Not indicated if scalable
Limited native integrations
No support for voice interactions
No mobile app support mentioned
Dependency on Chatbot Daddy platform


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How does Chatbot Daddy help with subscribing users to newsletters?
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