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WebWhiz is an AI chatbot tool that allows website owners to train a customized ChatGPT chatbot to answer their customers' queries. This tool does not require coding skills, and all the complex steps are made easy for the user.

The chatbot responds with accurate data-specific responses based on the website data. WebWhiz regularly crawls the website data to update the chatbot's knowledge, ensuring its relevance and accuracy.

WebWhiz offers a cloud-based solution that enables automatic website data crawling, ChatGPT training, and chatbot creation. There is also an option for self-hosting, which allows users to bring and use their own open AI key.

The tool is available for free and open source to access its code on GitHub for review, run and contribution or users can choose to subscribe to cloud-based premium plans with monthly and annual payments.

The plans differ in token usage, the number of projects, and the number of pages. Tokens are a unit of measurement used to calculate the amount of text data processed by the chatbot.

Users have the option to customize the chatbot's appearance according to their website theme and fine-tune the training result further. The tool provides a no-code builder that enables users to create, train, and add the chatbot to their website with just a few clicks.

It also offers support through a frequently asked section and the chatbot to help users with their concerns and questions.


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Oct 23, 2023
I subcribed the service some days ago (2023-10-21). The service was broken from day one. Currently, it is not possible to upload training data what results in an dead chantbot. I created a support ticket at Github and found a bunch or request that are never worked on. Be Careful subcribing this service because NO free plan is available to test the software.

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Pros and Cons


Customizable ChatGPT
No coding required
Data-specific responses
Regular data updates
Cloud-based solution
Option for self-hosting
Free and open source
Supports paid subscriptions
Customizable appearance
No-code builder
Provides FAQ section
Automated website data crawling
ChatGPT training
Tiered premium plans
Customization according to theme
Fine-tuning training result
Single script tag integration
Multitude project support
Token-based measurement
Supports custom data training
Transparent code on GitHub
Assurance of privacy
No limitation on context size


Limited website crawling frequency
Excessive token usage stops responses
Restrictions on number of pages
Restrictions on number of projects
Potential loss of chatbot functionality when exceeding plan's limits
Page-specific training could limit responses
Data privacy might not be comprehensive
Cloud-based solution might not be suitable for all
Predefined responses can lack context
Non-transparent pricing for cloud-based premium plans


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What are tokens and how are they used in WebWhiz?
How can I customize the appearance of my chatbot in WebWhiz?
What is the WebWhiz cloud-based solution and how does it benefit me?
Can I self-host with WebWhiz and how do I do it?
How does the no-code builder function in WebWhiz?
How long does it take to create, train and add a chatbot to my website with WebWhiz?
How does WebWhiz ensure the data accuracy of the chatbot responses?
What are the charges for the cloud-based premium plans of WebWhiz?
Why does WebWhiz crawl my website data?
How can I contribute to the WebWhiz open source code on Github?
What are the different premium plans available on WebWhiz?
Can I use my own open AI key with WebWhiz?
What data does WebWhiz collect and process from my website?
How does WebWhiz determine how many tokens to use?
Can I fine-tune the training result of my chatbot in WebWhiz?
What type of support is offered by WebWhiz if I encounter any issues?

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