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Supercharge your sales and support with AI!
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Agent23.AI is a resourceful platform designed to generate AI conversational agents, also known as Chatbots, specifically geared towards enhancing customer service, support, and sales teams.

This tool offers the capacity to customize chatbots using your businesss proprietary data for superior engagement that surpasses regular chatbots. The platform is also structured for rapid deployment, ensuring your chatbot is operational quickly.

Fundamental to Agent23.AI is its commitment to privacy and responsible AI practices. The solution adheres to GDPR compliance and embodies high standards of accuracy and data integrity.

Rigourous safety measures are in place for data handling. Features include the optimisation of the chatbot to generate leads by guiding conversations towards specific products and services and the facilitation of faster customer service by training the chatbot using your knowledge base and guides.

This solution supports both structured and unstructured data formats, which allows efficient customization and training of your chatbot. Moreover, it offers native integration with several third-party providers, and also has an API integration option.

The tool ensures continuous synchronization of training data to keep information current. Agent23.AIs offerings extend to ready-made channel interfaces and custom-designed API solutions.

Users can select the desired channel to be smoothly integrated. Furthermore, the platform is consistent, accurate, reliable and synchronizes well with most existing technologies.


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Jan 26, 2024
Hidden gem! Excellent product, they have been adding so many features and have an awesome support! Way to go!
Jan 18, 2024
This is one of the best AI Chatbots I have used. Its easy to setup and packed with several features. Worth checking it out!

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Pros and Cons


Customizable chatbots
Rapid deployment
GDPR compliance
Data integrity and security
Lead generation capabilities
Supports structured and unstructured data
Native third-party integration
API integration option
Continuous data synchronization
Ready-made channel interfaces
Custom-designed API solutions
High consistency and reliability
Diverse range of data formats
Facilitates faster customer service
Superior customer engagement
Effortlessly integrates with existing technologies
Specific products and services promotion
Guided knowledge-base training
Amplifies business rapidly
Offers precise information delivery
Adapts to user's knowledge level
Significant support cost reduction
Autonomous updates
Selectively smooth channel integration
Rigorous data handling safeguards
Customizable Agent roles
Exceptionally high initial accuracy
Wide-range of use cases
Continuously expanding integration range
Supports custom solutions via APIs
User-friendly portal for Control and Management
Offers practical deployment guidance
Stringent security and governance standards
Implements feedback for continuous evolution
Help and support center availability
Compliant with infosec standards
Transforms chatbots into amiable assistants
Atitudinal Training coaching for chatbots
Multiple Commercial Packages Options
Dedicated blog for Updates and Use-Cases Explanation
Opportunity to Schedule a Personalized Demo
Option to register and create a personal account
Maintains a consistent and actively engaging user-friendly interface
Availability of integrated career portal


Requires proprietary business data
No listed pricing
Reliant on third-party integrations
GDPR compliance limits
Rapid deployment may lack testing
Limited use case examples
Excessive data sufficiency requirement


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Is Agent23.AI GDPR compliant?
What kind of data handling safety measures does Agent23.AI have?
How does Agent23.AI optimize chatbots to generate leads?
Can I train the Agent23.AI chatbot using my knowledge base and guides?
Does Agent23.AI support both structured and unstructured data formats?
Does Agent23.AI offer API integration?
What third-party providers does Agent23.AI provide native integration with?
How can Agent23.AI help in faster customer service?
Can I select a desired channel with Agent23.AI?
How does Agent23.AI ensure data synchronization?
What kind of ready-made channel interfaces does Agent23.AI offer?
Is the platform offered by Agent23.AI reliable?
Can my existing technology stack be easily integrated with Agent23.AI?
How does Agent23.AI ensure data integrity?

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