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Empowering sales with highly-personalized content.
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BuzzBoard is a generative platform that leverages artificial intelligence to provide digital sales assistance that empowers sales representatives to better engage with small, local and mid-sized businesses.

The platform facilitates highly personalized selling content across a range of media types, helping to boost seller confidence and success. BuzzBoard's features focus on several key areas.

Firstly, it can identify best-fit targets among a pool of more than thirty million verified and researched businesses leveraging machine learning and AI algorithms.

Secondly, the platform can automatically generate product recommendations based on a prospective clients needs and pain points; turning these insights into highly personalized sales content.

BuzzBoard also provides strategic insight for every prospect, producing SWOT analysis reports that can guide the sales conversation towards securing a sale.

Furthermore, it eradicates the need for generic templates, instead favoring a bespoke approach with every sales outreach effort tailored to a prospect's specific needs to maximize engagement.

Additionally, BuzzBoard offers a range of integration options including Chrome Extension, SMB Data API, Salesforce, Zendesk, and Zapier, enhancing its utility across various workflows.


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Pros and Cons


Empowers sales representatives
Personalized selling content
Boosts seller confidence
Identifies best-fit targets
Automates product recommendations
Generates personalized sales content
Provides strategic insight
Produces SWOT analysis reports
Bespoke approach to outreach
Several integration options
Chrome Extension available
SMB Data API integration
Salesforce, Zendesk, and Zapier integrations
Erases need for generic templates
Tailors outreach to prospects
30 million verified businesses
Facilitates diverse media types
Accelerates B2SMB sales
Generates ready-to-buy account suggestions
Offers hyper-personalized sales cadences
Produces strategic insights
Offers multiple products: Demand, Ignite
Has a broad use-case range
Free 14-day trial
No credit card required for trial
Easy setup process
Customer support availability
Detailed, accurate context for businesses
Aids in deeper client insight
Effective for prospecting
Helps sales with richer, informed conversations
Saves time on research and analysis
Enriched insights, less over-analysis needed
Compatible with commercial teams
Aid in delivering quality pitches
Helps increase Conversion rates
Strengthens customer relationships


Limited to sales function only
Could accidentally generate inappropriate recommendations
Potential data privacy concerns
May not fully understand customer context
Risk of over-personalization
Dependency on data accuracy
Unclear how it integrates with other software
Might not work with all CRM systems
May be confusing to non-tech-savvy users
Limited to English language interfaces


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What differentiates BuzzBoard's approach from using generic templates?
Does BuzzBoard offer a trial period?
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Can BuzzBoard integrate with Salesforce and Zendesk?
What types of businesses is BuzzBoard best suited for?
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Does BuzzBoard offer any SMB-focused data API?
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What business workflows can BuzzBoard enhance?

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