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Customizable chatbot for customer experience and sales.
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faqmy.website is an AI chatbot builder that allows businesses to instantly create customized chatbots trained on their data and FAQ's. With the power of AI, users can train their chatbots by answering questions, uploading documents, and even scanning their website.

Once the chatbot is trained, it can be embedded onto the company's website by copying and pasting, with the option to customize the chatbot's logo, color, and assistant name.The chatbot continually learns and improves as customers ask more questions and more information is added to train the AI.

The tool aims to enhance customer experience by reducing confusion and increasing conversions. It can serve as an AI salesperson and FAQ answerer to boost sales and provide personalized domain-knowledgeable responses.Users have the freedom to customize their chatbot's branding according to their preferences.

The pricing plans offered include Starter, Growth, and Pro FAQ'er, with varying features such as the number of AI chatbots, file uploads, message limits, and access to new features.

The tool also mentions upcoming integrations with CRM and email capture systems.Overall, faqmy.website provides businesses with an easy and efficient way to create and customize AI trained chatbots for their company's website, with the goal of improving customer engagement, generating leads, and enhancing conversions.


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Faqmy.website was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on August 31st 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Instantly creates chatbots
Trains with user data
Customizable chatbot logo
Customizable chatbot color
Customizable assistant name
Embedded on company's website
Continually learns and improves
Aids in reducing confusion
Increases conversions
Personalized responses
Customizable branding
Multiple pricing plans
Varying chatbot limits
Varying file uploads limits
Varying message limits
Access to new features
Upcoming CRM integration
Upcoming email capture integration
Improves customer engagement
Generates leads
Website scan for training
Document uploads for training
Chatbot's memory enhancement


Limited file upload capacity
Message limit on plans
No free plan available
Delayed CRM/email capture integration
Customization limited to branding
Scanning only your own website
Additional cost to access features
No API mentioned for integration
No multilingual support mentioned
No chatbot voice interaction mentioned


What is faqmy.website?
How can I build a chatbot with faqmy.website?
What is the process to train my chatbot on faqmy.website?
How do I embed the chatbot onto my company's website?
Can I customize the chatbot's logo, color, and assistant name?
Does the faqmy.website chatbot improve over time?
How does faqmy.website enhance customer experience?
What is the role of the AI chatbot as a salesperson?
Can I customize the branding of my chatbot?
What are the pricing plans available for faqmy.website?
What are the key features of the Starter, Growth, and Pro FAQ'er plans?
Are there any additional features or upgrades available for the AI chatbots?
Are there upcoming CRM and email capture system integrations?
How does the chatbot from faqmy.website help in improving customer engagement?
Can faqmy.website generate leads?
How can faqmy.website enhance conversions?
How many AI chatbots, file uploads, and message limits are offered under each plan?
How can I train the AI chatbot using my website and documents?
Can faqmy.website’s AI chatbots provide personalized domain-knowledgeable responses?
What is the process to get started with faqmy.website?


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