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Virtualized custom furniture visualization for retailers
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Zolak is a 3D product visualization software designed specifically for furniture retailers. It utilizes computer vision and AI technologies to enhance the shopping experience for customers.

The software allows retailers to visualize and personalize content about their products, enabling customers to view furniture pieces in various interior settings and replace existing furniture in their own space with new options.

This feature helps customers gain a better understanding of how the physical product would look in their home, increasing their confidence in making a purchase.Zolak's solution aims to address several key challenges faced by furniture retailers.

It helps boost sales by providing a virtual furniture showcase powered by AI and computer vision technology. Additionally, it aims to reduce returns by allowing customers to browse through entire furniture sets and furnish a room to their liking virtually.

The software also focuses on enhancing customer satisfaction, as it allows personalized digital experiences by offering customizable products that can be viewed from multiple angles and in various interior styles.Zolak's advanced technology stands out by creating photorealistic visuals that impress audiences, making the product visualizations truly lifelike.

It is more accurate and realistic than standard augmented reality tools, as it considers factors like scaling, perspective, lighting, and shadows without the need for multiple photo shoots.

It is also better than traditional 3D design software, offering an intuitive interface that allows non-designers to create stunning interiors easily. Moreover, it surpasses photo catalogues by providing interactivity and variability that static images cannot offer, making it suitable for brands with diverse product lines.Zolak offers ready-to-use components that integrate seamlessly into online stores and provides ongoing support to ensure smooth implementation and maintenance.

They also provide 3D modeling services to further assist retailers in showcasing their products effectively.


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Pros and Cons


3D visualization for furniture
Customizable product visuals
Various interior styles visualization
Personalized digital experiences
Photorealistic visuals
Accurate sizing and scaling
Interactive showroom experience
Virtual product try-on
True-to-life lighting and shadows
User-friendly interface
Supports diverse product lines
Ready-to-use e-commerce components
On-going technical support
Offers 3D modelling services
On-demand system customization
Boosts customer confidence
Reduces product returns
Enhances customer satisfaction
Improves engagement and retention
Accelerates content creation
Bridges gap between offline and online shopping
Outperforms standard AR tools
Better than traditional 3D software
Superior to photo catalogues
Increases conversion rates
Raises average cart value
Decreases return rates
Strengthens customer loyalty


Designed specifically for furniture
Lack of varied application
May require 3D modeling services
Potentially complicated interface
No mobile version mentioned
No free trial mentioned
Focused on large product lines
May restrict smaller retailers
Limited to online retailers


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