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Automated lead generation and sales solution.
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Zeliq is an AI-powered platform designed to simplify the sales process and help businesses generate leads and convert them into customers more efficiently.

By leveraging AI technology, Zeliq aims to streamline sales operations and optimize sales strategies.One of the key features of Zeliq is its ability to automate manual tasks, saving users valuable time.

It allows users to complete hours of work within minutes, allowing them to focus on more important aspects of the sales process. Additionally, Zeliq provides real-time data, enabling users to make informed decisions and increase their chances of closing deals.The platform also offers advanced lead discovery capabilities tailored to users' specific niches.

By simply specifying their ideal client, Zeliq can generate comprehensive lists of potential buyers, eliminating the need for manual research.Zeliq further facilitates communication with leads by providing a unified platform to launch high-engagement conversations through email, phone, or social media.

It even offers automatic replies, allowing users to engage with prospects in a timely manner and maintain personalized interactions.Furthermore, Zeliq empowers users to supercharge their sales strategies through smart insights, automated mail sequences, and flawless follow-ups.

By leveraging accurate data and automation, Zeliq claims to accelerate sales growth up to three times faster.Testimonials from users commend Zeliq for its enriched prospect results, ease of use, and its ability to centralize sales efforts in one place.Overall, Zeliq aims to be the go-to sales co-pilot for businesses by providing accurate data, automation, and insights to optimize the entire sales process.


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Oct 30, 2023
Incredible tool !

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Pros and Cons


Automated lead generation
Efficient sales conversion
Real-time data provision
Optimizes sales operations
Streamlines sales strategy
Advanced lead discovery
Tailored client specifications
Comprehensive buyer lists
Unified communication platform
Auto-reply capabilities
Smart sales insights
Automated mail sequences
Facilitates personalized interactions
Flawless follow-ups
Enriched prospect results
Centralized sales efforts
Integrates with preferred tools
Saves 2+ hours daily
Claims 3x faster sales
Helps in deal closure
Generates perfect buyer lists
Launches high-engagement conversations
Capable of auto-replies
Matches strategies with ambition
Positive user testimonials


Only in beta phase
Lacks integration details
Waitlist access
Limited user testimonials
Unclear pricing structure
Doesn't specify supported marketplaces
No app version mentioned
Limited company background information
Possibly non user-friendly for non-tech sales staff


What is Zeliq?
How does Zeliq use AI to streamline sales?
What types of tasks can Zeliq automate?
How can Zeliq save users time?
What real-time data does Zeliq provide?
How does Zeliq help with lead generation?
What is Zeliq's approach to communications with leads?
What kind of replies can Zeliq automate?
How can Zeliq optimize sales strategies?
What testimonials are there about Zeliq?
Does Zeliq offer integration with other tools?
How much does Zeliq cost?
Can I test Zeliq before purchasing?
What insights does Zeliq provide to enhance sales strategies?
How does Zeliq personalize interactions with prospects?
What is the potential sales growth with Zeliq?
What kind of customer support does Zeliq offer?
Is Zeliq only suitable for businesses?
How does Zeliq handle data privacy?
What social media platforms is Zeliq available on?


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