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Toplyne is a predictive artificial intelligence platform designed for sales and marketing teams. The platform utilizes customer data to build predictive models that help businesses identify prospects for new customers, expansion sales, cross-sells, and spot customers at risk.

Key features include AI lead scoring, real-time MQL scoring, identity graph filters, and live enrichment. It also provides functionalities such as auto-stitching of customer data and churn prevention mechanisms.

The Toplyne Sync and CRM Copilot integrations allow seamless data synchronization with CRM systems, ensuring the inclusion of key economic decision-makers in the CRM database.

Toplyne's predictive models are designed to be set up in a short span of time, offering a faster impact on business as compared to in-house predictive models.

The platform allows users to personalize interactions, automating sales, and marketing workflows. Apart from predicting potential customers and sales, Toplyne also provides insights into usage patterns and signals that drive customer intent, which can be effectively utilized in sales and marketing campaigns.

The platform has found usage across various industries and teams including B2B SaaS, Banking & Financial services, Consumer internet, Insurance, Sales, Revenue operations, Marketing, Account Management, and Customer Success.


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Pros and Cons


Predictive modeling
Real-time MQL scoring
Identity graph filters
Live data enrichment
Auto-stitching customer data
Churn prevention mechanisms
CRM Sync & Copilot integration
Fast implementation of predictive models
Automated sales workflows
Automated marketing workflows
Insight into customer usage patterns
Insight into customer intent signals
Functionality across various industries
Personalized interactions
B2B SaaS support
Banking & Financial services support
Consumer internet support
Insurance industry support
Revenue operations support
Account Management support
Customer Success support
Retention and expansion use case
Free to paid conversion use case
MQL scoring use case
PQL scoring use case
Lifecycle marketing use case
Sales and marketing automation
Auto-stitching capability
Behaviour attributes analysis
A/B testing functionality
Toplyne Schema
Entity roll-ups
Business Services support
Automatic data cleanup
No-coding solution
Self-serve conversions
SDR workflows automation
Enterprise grade security
Privacy maintenance
Continuous monitoring
SLA commitment
Collaboration tools adjustments


Limited industry usage
No coding feature
Sync with CRM only
Short setup time
Limited personalization
Data analysis limited to customers
Unspecified churn prevention mechanisms
Real-time MQL scoring only


What is Toplyne?
How can Toplyne help with sales and marketing?
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What is Toplyne's real-time MQL scoring?
What are Toplyne's identity graph filters used for?
How does Toplyne's live enrichment functionality work?
What is the process of auto-stitching customer data in Toplyne?
How does Toplyne assist in preventing customer churn?
What are Toplyne Sync and CRM Copilot integrations?
How can Toplyne's predictive models impact my business?
How can I use Toplyne to personalize interactions and automate workflows?
What insights into customer intent can I gain from utilizing Toplyne?
In which industries and teams is Toplyne most commonly used?
What is the set-up time for Toplyne's predictive models?
How does Toplyne assist in identifying prospects for new customers and expansion sales?
How can Toplyne be used for cross-selling and spotting customers at risk?
How does Toplyne utilize customer data in its functionality?
What makes Toplyne different from in-house predictive models?
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