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Ad creatives & budget optimization for marketing.
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SmartUA is an AI-powered tool that generates ad creatives and optimizes ad budgets for ad campaigns. By leveraging AI and performance marketing best practices, SmartUA predicts the next best move for advertisers, allowing them to make data-driven decisions.

The tool aims to decrease the cost per click by up to 30% and increase the effectiveness of ad creatives.The process begins by generating the initial set of 10 image creatives using SmartUA's platform.

Advertisers can then link their Meta Ad Account to the platform and launch a performance marketing test. SmartUA's algorithms automatically stop the campaign once it reaches statistical significance.

Each new creative generated by the tool is optimized for the target audience, with the goal of outperforming the previous one.SmartUA is suitable for various users, including e-commerce stores, startups, and marketing agencies with multiple accounts.

E-commerce businesses can benefit from the tool's machine learning model, which generates custom ad creatives for their product catalogs. Marketing agencies can generate ad creatives and banners with significantly higher conversion rates for their clients.

Startups can leverage the tool's powerful AI capabilities to maximize their ad spending on highly converting creatives.SmartUA offers different pricing plans based on user requirements, with features such as unlimited generations, integration with Facebook and Instagram, and various credit allowances per month.

There is also a special offer for users with marketing budgets over $100k, providing personalized services and exclusive access to premium advertising channels.Based in Wilmington, USA, SmartUA is developed by Incymo.AI.

Users can access additional information and resources through the company's blog, and reach out to them via email for further inquiries.


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