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Ace Salesforce Certification with practice tests and study guides.
GPT welcome message: Hi! Ready to conquer your Salesforce certification?
Sample prompts:
Practice Test Generator - Generate Salesforce certification multi-select and multiple choice questions (evenly distributed frequency) as moderately complex scenario based questions. Ask me for which Salesforce certification and how many questions I'd like. Let me answer and then provide the list of questions and my answers and if I got them right or wrong, along with a percentage score. Also reveal which knowledge area each question was for and don't have any two questions related to the same topic and give me a mixture of questions from all knowledge areas of the Administrator exam, unless I specifically ask for an individual knowledge area. Process Builder and Workflow Rules are now retired, so there should never be any mention of those options in the questions or as potential answers. Also note that partially missing a multi-select question does not receive partial credit in your calculations, but should count as 0 / missed. Start this process by first asking me which Certification I want the questions for. Then retrieve the exam guide for that certification, extract the topics and analyze the knowledge areas and scoring and then generate the questions and prompt me to answer and then after that provide scoring information as well as explanations.
Checklist Generator / Topic Extractor - Ask me which Salesforce Certification I'd like for you to extract all of the topics from its respective Exam Guide. Once I have identified which certification, extract the list of topics from the corresponding certification exam guide, and output it to the screen, with knowledge area title breaks along with weighting. Ask me if I'd like that list of topics as a downloadable checklist or if they'd like to generate other topic lists. If they request a pdf download, generate it for them, along with a title page that includes the name of the exam, followed by the term 'Checklist' and then below that the credit line 'generated by the Exam Ready Now GPT from ExamReadyNow.com and Mike Wheeler'
Flow GPT - Streamlining Salesforce Operations - Identifying the Ideal Salesforce Flow** Let's embark on a journey to streamline Salesforce operations with the perfect Flow. I may know what type of flow I need, so always ask me first which type of flow I need or if I need a list. If I request the list then provide the list of the various flow types, and this scenario would mean I need your expertise to determine which best suits my scenario from the flow list: 1. **Screen Flow**: For tasks involving user input on screens. 2. **Autolaunched Flow (No Trigger)**: For background processes without user interaction. 3. **Autolaunched Flow (Schedule Trigger)**: For operations that run on a set timetable. 4. **Autolaunched Flow (Record Trigger)**: For immediate actions upon record updates. 5. **Recommendation Strategy**: To generate user-specific recommendations. 6. **User Provisioning Flow**: For managing third-party service user access. 7. **Field Service Mobile/Embedded Flow**: For interactive flows in the Field Service app. 8. **Contact Request Flow**: For managing user inquiries via Experience Builder. 9. **Checkout Flow**: To handle checkout processes in commerce applications. 10. **Orchestrator**: For complex multi-stage workflows. 11. **Evaluation Flow**: For assessing conditions in orchestrations. 12. **Loyalty Management Flow**: For loyalty program-related triggers. 13. **Managed Content Authoring Workflow**: For orchestrating content in CMS. ### **Clarifying Requirements and User Stories** If unsure of the right path, I'll delve into the problem I'm aiming to solve and share relevant user stories or requirements. ### **Role-Based Approach** As a seasoned business analyst, Salesforce administrator, and consultant, I'll assess each flow's merits and identify when coding might be necessary. ### **Document Development Process** 1. **Crafting a Requirements Document**: Together, we'll create a requirements document tailored to the chosen flow. 2. **Evolving into High-Level Design Document**: Upon agreement, I'll evolve the requirements into a High-Level Design Document. 3. **Developing a Detailed Design Document**: Next, I'll prepare a Detailed Design Document, including test scripts for UAT and deployment strategy notes. 4. **Additional Materials**: If required, I'll also prepare training materials and release notes. ### **Efficient Progression** Now, let’s determine which flow type is the right fit, or further explore the problem if needed. I'll always respond with the next logical question to efficiently guide us through this process.
Flashcard Generator - Ask me which Salesforce Certification I want flash cards for. Upon my response, create a set of flash cards using bootstrap for modern styling inside of the HTML for the first knowledge area of that exam, one card per extracted topic. Convert the flashcards to be interactive to include a front of the card and then clicking on the card flips reveals the answer. And then also a next and back button for navigation, with no back button on the first flash card and no next button for the last flash card. Create them as html with javascript inside of the html to provide for being able to download and open in a browser or save in an online IDE such as replit. Once you produce that, continue the process by asking me if I'd that set in another format, such as .csv, text, or PDF, or would I like to continue to the next set of cards for the next knowledge area or one of these others and provide a list of all knowledge areas for the previously selected certification. Continue on back and forth with me and generate the flashcard sets.
Study Guide Generator - Ask me which Salesforce Certification I am studying for. Upon my response, list the knowledge areas and ask me if I'd like a Study Guide for one of the knowledge areas in its entirety or a specific topic. Direct me that I can type the Knowledge area of my choice or add the word 'topic' to request a list of topics from that knowledge area. Once I have specified a knowledge area or a specific topic, generate a study guide, with an in-depth article for that knowledge area's topics, or an in-depth article on the specific topic that was requested. Then ask if I'd prefer to next explore other topics or knowledge areas or receive a certain number of quiz questions. Also, with each output of a study guide or quiz questions, ask me if I'd like a pdf download as well.
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Exam Ready Now by Mike Wheeler is a GPT that is designed to assist in preparation for Salesforce Certifications. The GPT aids users by generating practice tests, extracting topics from exam guides, determining the optimal Salesforce flow, crafting flashcards, and creating in-depth study guides.

The GPT begins by asking the user to specify a particular Salesforce Certification. Based on the selected certification, it retrieves the corresponding exam guide to extract topics and knowledge areas.

The GPT then generates a diverse range of scenario-based multiple-choice and multi-select questions related to all the knowledge areas. The performance concludes with a final percentage score and reference to the related knowledge area for each question.An essential feature it offers is the 'Topic Extractor' which lists out all the extracts from the respective Certification Exam Guide on screen, with users having an option to receive it as a downloadable checklist.

The 'Study Guide Generator' feature asks the user to select a specific knowledge area or topic and then crafts a comprehensive study guide.The 'Flashcard Generator' function creates an interactive set of flashcards for each knowledge area, which are HTML integrated with Javascript to allow seamless browser viewing or online IDE storage.

Each flashcard set is also available for download in various formats on request.Flow GPT is a facet that probes user requirements and user stories to identify the appropriate Salesforce flow best suited for their operational needs.

It guides the user into crafting a Requirements Document, evolving into a High-Level Design Document, and finally, into a Detailed Design Document, including test and deployment strategies.

The progress of this process is carried out through engaging iterative questions.The GPT ensures to keep the Practice Test Generator up-to-date, by excluding retired processes like Process Builder and Workflow Rules, and maintains accuracy by accounting for any partially missed multi-select question as 'missed' during the scoring process.


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