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Human motion capture without hardware or suits.
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Movmi is a free human motion capture software that allows 3D animators to create 3D animations without using a suit or hardware. It is an AI-powered motion capture tool that captures humanoid motion from 2D media data (image, video) and runs the whole capturing process on the cloud, eliminating the need for clients to use high-end devices.

It supports media shots from any camera, ranging from smartphones to professional cameras, through any lifestyle scene. This tool supports scenes with multiple humans and different armatures, including Huma Meta-Rig, human rig and basic human rig.

Movmi Store is a collection of full-textured characters that are free of charge, which 3D motion developers can use in their projects. It explores a library of full-body character animation of many poses and actions.

Movmi's goal is to develop technology in computer vision that focuses on estimating human 3D motion from 2D media content. The output FBX file can be used in any 3D environment, saving time for animators and motion developers.

With different memberships, users can choose different features, ranging from sponsored ads to full capturing features. Overall, Movmi provides a revolutionary solution for capturing human motion, making it easier for 3D animators to create high-quality animations.


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Pros and Cons


No hardware or suits required
Free to use
Cloud-based capturing process
Supports all camera types
Supports multiple human scenes
Supports different armatures
Free full-textured characters
Expansive animation library
Compatible with any 3D environment
Customizable membership features
Handles complex 3D motion
Output in universal FBX file
Reduced animator workload
Ideal for humanoid animations
Free 3D character models
Comprehensive guide and tutorials
Can handle lifestyle scenes
Scalable cloud computing
Supports professional to smartphone cameras
Access to numerous poses and actions
Ability to animate fights and conversations
Freedom for developers to use characters
Provides diverse character themes
Cuts down on animation development time
Animated result applicable to any of Movmi characters
Automated high-quality tool for body motion developers
Ad-free experience in premium membership
Constant software updates
Direct social media follow links
Responsive support for reported problems
Transparent Privacy and Policy information
Access to web version
Revolutionizing human pose estimation
Empowers any type of motion development


Limited features in Bronze Membership
Ads in Bronze and Silver Membership
Dependent on cloud computing
Restricted armature options
FBX only output format
Reliant on 2D media content
No offline processing capability
Limited character options in store


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Is Movmi free to use?
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Can I capture humanoid motion using Movmi?
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