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Animation creation and editing without suits.
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Plask is a browser-based motion capture and animation tool that uses AI to capture, edit, playback, and share animations. It claims to be easy to use and accessible for motion designers and content creators of all levels of expertise.

The tool can extract motion from videos without expensive bodysuits or motion work, and it supports most professional file formats, including GLB, FBX, BVH, and more.

Plask also offers excellent integration with other tools, allowing it to seamlessly integrate into users' workflows, whether they are working solo or collaborating with a team.

Plask provides an all-in-one solution combining browser-based motion capture and animation editing capabilities. Along with its easy-to-use interface, it offers professional quality tools to help users express their creativity.

Additionally, Plask offers various resources for users to get started, including API, Mobile SDK, documentation, YouTube tutorials, FAQ, and support. Furthermore, Plask caters to schools and offers up to 50% discount, which can be particularly helpful for students or teachers looking to learn and teach animation using an AI-powered tool.


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Pros and Cons


Browser-based tool
Capture motion from videos
No need for bodysuits
Supports GLB, FBX, BVH formats
Excellent integration capabilities
Seamless workflow integration
Team collaboration feature
User-friendly interface
Professional quality tools
Helpful resources availability
API, Mobile SDK provided
Discount for schools
Comprehensive documentation
YouTube tutorials
FAQ and support
All-in-one solution
Suitable for all expertise levels
Playback and share animations
Creativity expression tools
Can launch from dashboard


Browser-based dependence
Potential security threats online
Limited offline utility
Latency issues
Dependence on internet speed
Might not support older browsers
Data privacy issues
Limited integration options
Team collaboration feature upcoming
Potential for limited creative control


What is Plask?
How does Plask capture motion from video?
What file formats does Plask support?
How does Plask integrate with other tools?
What resources does Plask offer for beginners?
Does Plask offer any discounts for schools?
Can Plask be used for team collaborations?
What is the pricing for Plask?
Does Plask offer any mobile SDK?
How do I access Plask's Help Center?
Does Plask offer any animation editing capabilities?
Where can I find Plask's tutorials on YouTube?
Does Plask provide any API?
Where can I access Plask's documentation?
What is the process to contact Plask's sales team?
Does Plask offer any free trials?
What are the reviews about Plask like?
Does Plask have any social media platforms?
Does Plask have a community platform for users?
Where is Plask's company located?


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