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Generate realistic character animations for games.
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Motorica is a company that specializes in developing technologies and tools for advanced character animation using generative deep learning. Their main product, MoGen, is a tool that enables users to generate high-quality character locomotion by seamlessly blending more than 150 different animation styles.

MoGen allows users to modify preset motion paths or create their own in any software compatible with the FBX format.Motorica's focus is on providing high-level controllable motion synthesis, leveraging the latest developments in generative deep learning.

Their goal is to offer users an efficient and accessible solution for generating character animations with a wide range of possibilities.The company has received recognition for their AI-based animation technology, and Motorica has been granted a MegaGrant from Epic Games to bring their technology to the UNREAL platform.

This acknowledgment validates the effectiveness and potential of their AI-based animation technology and showcases the capabilities of creative AI.Motorica is an early-stage startup based in Stockholm, Sweden, with plans to launch their first product in the first quarter of 2023.

Their aim is to disrupt the traditional animation market by leveraging groundbreaking machine learning (ML) technologies.


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Motorica was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on October 8th 2023.
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