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Efficient task management for productivity improvement.
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FocusDoro is an AI task list and timer tool designed to help users manage their tasks efficiently. The tool offers features such as task prioritization, timer management, and schedule breakdown with AI assistance.

Users can create and organize their tasks by selecting projects, setting priorities (high, medium, low), and estimating the time needed to complete each task.

The timer function allows users to track their progress and take breaks as needed, with options for 5-minute and 15-minute breaks. The tool also provides a feature called "Plan the day using AI," which generates a daily schedule based on user input.

Tasks can be categorized according to their due dates and can be easily managed and rearranged by dragging them in the desired order. Additionally, completed tasks can be marked as done, providing users with a clear overview of their progress.

FocusDoro aims to enhance productivity by assisting users in planning and managing their daily tasks effectively. With its user-friendly interface and AI capabilities, users can optimize their workflow and stay organized throughout the day.


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