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Supercharge your online activities with an AI sidekick
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI assistant designed to enhance an individual's online activities, including online learning, shopping, and research. As a chrome extension, it serves as an adaptive companion that integrates into a user's workflow, without causing any disruption.

It provides smart assistance by offering instant explanations, summaries, recommendations, and deeper insights about the content viewed by the user. It enables a streamlined interaction by offering keyboard shortcuts, context menus, and one-click prompts, making AI assistance both accessible and unobtrusive.

An important feature of is its adaptability; while it currently uses a specific AI model for processing information, it is not restricted to one, with the possibility of using different models for different tasks and potentially training new ones in the future.

This tool prioritizes user privacy and does not store any user data beyond sign-in information and usage statisticswith all queries to third-party AI model providers anonymized and chat history stored locally on the user's browser.

Although currently only available for Chrome, there is active exploration to widen its compatibility with other platforms.


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Jan 14, 2024
extension didn't work for me. tried several browser. just says "loading"
Jan 15, 2024
Hi Lenny, this is Lu, the maker behind Thank you very much for reporting the issue! The extension currently only supports chrome, or do you mean the website is not loading for multiple browsers for you? Would you mind trying again and send more details to [email protected] if the issue persists? Would really appreciate it. Thank you!!

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Pros and Cons


Chrome extension
Online activity enhancement
Instant explanations
Content summaries
Content recommendations
Deeper insights
Keyboard shortcuts
Context menus
One-click prompts
Highly adaptable
Can train new models
Anonymized data queries
Local chat history storing
Seamless workflow integration
Supports Google Docs
Supports PDFs online
Handles dynamic content
Plans for YouTube support
User sign-ins
Usage statistics
No credit card required
No user data storage
Supercharges online activities
Adaptive to user's workflow
Support for multiple tasks
Potential web browser compatibility
Works on web pages
Easy extension installation
Easy access
Free trial available


Only supports Chrome
Limited free queries
No refund policy
Subscription required for more features
Support for dynamic content limited
Support for YouTube coming soon
No cross-platform compatibility
Locally stored chat history
Adapts different models for tasks


What functions does provide?
How does integrate into my workflow?
How does enhance online learning and shopping experiences?
Can I use keyboard shortcuts with
How does secure user privacy?
What types of tasks can assist with?
Can provide recommendations and insights about the content I view?
What AI model does use currently?
How can adapt to use different AI models for different tasks?
Is there a chance will train new AI models in future?
How does store my chat history locally?
Is compatible with other browsers, not just Chrome?
What type of content can assist with?
Can I use on Google Doc and PDF files?
Is there a trial period for
Do I need to provide credit card information to try
Is YouTube video support coming to
How does deal with dynamically loaded content like Reddit?
Can I turn off if I don't need it?
How can I turn on when I need assistance?

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