Task automation 2024-04-23
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Automate your productivity with AI on macOS.
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Vidix is an advanced tool specially crafted for macOS users that delivers automation solutions to enhance productivity and optimize workflows. It operates through the creation of customized AI agents called shortcodes, which can be utilized across any macOS application to perform specific tasks.

Essentially, once an AI agent is triggered via the predefined keycode, it intercepts and modifies the content, either maintaining the original or replacing the text in accordance to the user's needs.

Vidix is equipped with two main operation modes, Basic and Advanced, offering catered accessibility and thorough customization, making it adaptable to any workflow requirements.

Moreover, users can employ tools like the Spotlight feature, which enables ad hoc content generation by allowing AI agents to be launched on the fly. Furthermore, Vidix offers several options for handling processed text, for instance, preserving the original text prior to adding new content, replacing it entirely, copying to clipboard, or showing in a separate window (modal).

With its intuitive interface and seamless integration, Vidix proves useful in both professional and creative contexts. It offers different subscription plans with various features and benefits to suit user-specific needs.

Vidix was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 2nd 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Specially crafted for macOS
Automation enhances productivity
Works across macOS applications
Two operational modes
Spotlight for ad hoc launch
Multiple processed text handling
Intuitive interface
Seamless integration
Professional and creative use
Customizable subscription plans
Original or replacement text
Preserves original text
Copies to clipboard
Shows in separate window
Triggered via keycode
Adaptable to workflow requirements
Model and prompt creation
Text maintained or replaced
Real-time content optimization
Efficient model creation
Flexible and adaptable
CMD + Shift + K launch
Integration in everyday applications
Multiplicity of device licenses
Token allocations
Free software updates
Owners use own API keys
Supports different workflows
Ideal for updates


Only for macOS
Limited predefined keycodes
Two operation modes only
Processed text handling options limited
Subscription-based model
Free trial limitations
Unequal token allocations
Limited device licenses
Fixed keycode for spotlight feature


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