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Enable generative AI in your browser with ChatLLM.
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ChatLLM Pro is a robust offline AI chat extension compatible with Chrome browser. The tool facilitates the generation of content, articulation of questions, and summarization of webpage content at user's discretion.

Distinguished from other tools like ChatGPT and Co-Pilot, it functions without an internet connection, hence ideal for conducting comprehensive inferences in privacy.

The tool allows for authentic interaction with any page and texts generation for exploring topics offline. Potential users seeking to research new subjects, brainstorm ideas, organize notes, enhance writing or communication and develop problem-solving skills could find it beneficial.

A notable feature of ChatLLM is the respect for user privacy. The tool runs natively on the browser, leveraging the computer's GPU without data collection.

Users' dialogues remain private and are stored locally on the device for convenient access anytime. This is particularly significant in ensuring no prompts or data belonging to users are collected, guaranteeing confidentiality.

The tool offers large language models, including Llama-3-8b, Gemma-2b, RedPajama, Phi2, Phi1.5, and TinyLlama-1.1B-Chat, giving users a range of choices based on their requirements.

Further, it reaffirms its commitment to user data safety by ensuring all data is locally stored, nullifying chances of data leaks or intrusive tracking.


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Pros and Cons


Chrome browser compatibility
Generates content offline
Articulates questions
Summarizes webpage content
Ensures user privacy
No data collection
Runs natively in browser
Leverages computer's GPU
Locally stores dialogues
Offline interaction with pages
Offline text generation
Ideal for research
Facilitates brainstorming
Assists in note organization
Enhances writing skills
Develops problem-solving skills
No data leaks
Prevents intrusive tracking
Offers multiple language models
Requires modern PC
Requires 4GB VRAM
Not dependent on internet
Authentic interaction with pages
Personal chat remains private
Chat accessible anytime
Data stays user's property
Engages conversation with any page
Conversations stored locally
Privacy-friendly to users
Model variety for choice
Operates offline globally


Only compatible with Chrome
Requires offline functionality
Requires WebGPU support
Requires at least 4Gb VRAM
Limited to certain language models
Must select model before use
Runs locally, potential performance issue
Not user-friendly for beginners
Confidentiality may hinder improvements
Limited to browser-specific tasks


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