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Streamline your study and meeting notes with Notsly.
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Notsly is an AI-powered productivity tool designed for both students and professionals. Its key functionality is to comprehend and abridge content from various sources, producing structured summaries in a simplified and comprehensive form.

Notsly is versatile and compatible with different content types, such as articles and YouTube content, extracting key points and producing compact outlines.

Besides summarization, the tool features a meeting transcription service, aiding in the conversion of speech into text during meetings. Subsequently, these transcriptions can also be summarized to get the crux of the meeting.

Another notable feature of Notsly is its calendar integration which allows users to block time slots for imperative tasks, ensuring effective time management.

Users can manage all their notes and tasks within the platform's web interface, promoting efficient organization and storage of content. The AI program is also capable of recognizing important points and structure within notes, streamlining notetaking.

Notsly has a variety of pricing plans to meet different needs, with an exclusive discounted price for early members. The precise offerings and limits depend on the chosen plan, but all include summarization, note-taking, and calendar integration features.


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Pros and Cons


Summarizes varied content
Works with YouTube content
Meeting transcription feature
Calendar integration for tasks
Web interface for management
Automatic structure recognition
Range of pricing plans
Early member discounts
Summarizes meeting transcriptions
Note-taking capabilities
Organizes and stores content
Suitable for students and professionals
Compatible with different content types
Incorporates important points in summaries
Streamlining notetaking
Notion-style text editor
Option to purchase additional credits
No cap on number of notes
Blocks time for key tasks
Ability to summarize videos
Variable note lengths
Integrated task and note management
Transcribes audio notes
Summarizes long and complex content
Special offers for waitlisted users
Summary of notes feature
Emphasizes important points in notes


Limited audio note length
Limits on video summarization
No app version available
Price increases after 100 users
Tokens shared across features
Need email to buy extra credits
No offline availability
Inefficient token usage
Not compatible with all calendars
Early member discount ambiguity


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What types of content are suitable for Notsly's summarization function?
Can Notsly help improve my efficiency in studying?
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