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Think Smart, Write Fast, Save Time.
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WriteFastAI is a ChatGPT-powered AI tool designed to streamline various writing tasks. Available as a Chrome extension, this tool offers several features.

It can generate relevant and insightful comments for any platform, enhancing the effectiveness of online discussions. The tool also provides advanced rewording capabilities that improve the clarity and style of the provided text.

Swift responses to messages and comments are crafted by the AI, enhancing communication flow. With summarization, long texts such as articles, emails, and reports can be condensed into quick read summaries, highlighting key points.

The tool can also break down complex topics into easily understood explanations. With the copywrite feature, compelling, persuasive copy for marketing, social media posts, or website content can be created effortlessly.

The AI prompts are customizable and users can adjust the tool's tone and length of generated text to suit their specific needs. WriteFastAI does not store any user data and all processing is done in the user's browser, maintaining user privacy.

Users will need to provide their own OpenAI API key to utilize WriteFastAI's capabilities. This tool is suitable for professionals looking for assistance in producing clear, professional, effectively communicated texts quickly, and it will prove beneficial in a range of writing tasks.


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Pros and Cons


Chrome extension
Generates relevant comments
Advanced rewording capabilities
Quick message responses
Text summarization
Breaks down complex topics
Copywriting feature
User tone and length adjustment
User privacy focused
Processing in user browser
Summarizes lengthy texts
Generates professional content
Improves online discussion engagement
Comment crafting assistance
Context-aware replies
Condenses long articles
Makes complex information accessible
Automates persuasive write-ups
Custom prompts
Tone control over outputs
Length control over outputs
Single-install license
Multi-install license
Non-storage of user data
Easy to understand outputs
Conversational or professional tones
Customizable tool functions
Efficient content creation
Helps in busy schedules
Pricing flexibility
Think smart, write fast
Saves time for users


Chrome exclusive extension
Lack of mobile compatibility
No data storage functionality
Limited languages support
No offline mode
Limited license use
One-time payment, no subscriptions
May oversimplify complex topics
Customizability could be overwhelming


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