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Your in-context AI writing assistant for macOS.
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In-context AI writing assistant brings AI to any app on macOS.

- Write replies on Slack and Mail using your tone of voice
- Fix spelling & grammar before sending a message
- Summarize websites and articles
- Chat with PDFs and documents
- Improve copy in Figma
- Translate to any language
- Change tone and more!

Supports all models from OpenAI (inc. GPT-4o), Anthropic Claude and Google Gemini, LLaMA3, Mixtral, Gemma and more...

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Kerlig™ was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 14th 2024.

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Pros and Cons


Designed for macOS
Integrates into any app
Features auto-correction
Prevents grammatical errors
Assists tone of voice
Facilitates on-the-go replies
API key integration
Enables GPT-style conversations
Supports large documents
Up to 350 pages
Trusted by hundreds globally
Easy payments via Lemon Squeezy
Offers download before purchasing
Has refund policy
Flexible functionality
Greater versatility
Increases productivity
Enhances writing tasks
Crafts perfectly formulated messages
Avoids embarrassing typos
Offers real time assistance
Stimulates conversation-like interaction
Accommodates user's tone of voice
Offers context window limit
Regular performance checks
Transparent service cost
Provides user-friendly experience
Efficient grammar helper
Tailored for individual needs
Globally accessible


Only for macOS
Not direct API access
Requires own API keys
Varying performance/context window limit
Payment via Lemon Squeezy only
Unclear refund policy details
Limited to English grammar correction


What is Kerlig designed for?
How does Kerlig assist users in writing tasks?
What are the key features of Kerlig?
How does Kerlig's auto-correction feature work?
How does Kerlig adapt to user's tone of voice?
Can I use my own API keys with Kerlig?
What AI models are compatible with Kerlig?
How does Kerlig support large document writing?
What is the purpose of tools like OpenAI, Claude, Gemini Pro, and Groq in Kerlig?
What makes Kerlig versatile in terms of artificial intelligence systems?
How does the chat feature in Kerlig work?
How many users globally does Kerlig support?
What is the payment method accepted by Kerlig?
Can I try Kerlig before purchasing the service?
Does Kerlig have a refund policy?
Where can I check for more detailed update about Kerlig's features?
What is Kerlig's performance and context window limit?
How is Kerlig integrated into my macOS apps?
How does the voice tone feature of Kerlig work?
Why choose Kerlig as my AI writing assistant?

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