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Crafting contextual responses to your emails using AI.
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MailReply is a tool that uses AI technology to generate contextual email responses, aiming to save users time while maintaining a human-like style. It is available for both Windows and macOS, and is compatible with various email services, including Apple Email, Outlook, Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, and Thunderbird.

The software analyzes the context of incoming emails and generates automated responses, which helps to increase productivity by enabling users to focus on other important tasks.

Additionally, it incorporates customization options to suit user-specific preferences. However, currently, it does not provide options to match personal or brand tone.While MailReply cannot manage or organize old emails, it does support multiple languages, making it useful for global communication.

It is engineered especially for professional use, allowing users to include their job titles for accurate email response.MailReply ensures the user is always in control, as generated AI emails are not sent without user consent, and can be edited prior to sending.

Despite its automatic capabilities, the software prioritizes data security and confidentiality, integrating OpenAI technology and adhering to its stringent security policies.MailReply does not currently offer features for personal or brand tone customization, nor can it manage or organize old emails.

Despite these limitations, it excels in adapting to various email formats and contents and offers contextually appropriate responses for a wide range of scenarios.


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Pros and Cons


Windows and macOS compatible
Works with multiple email services
Generates contextual email responses
Increases user productivity
Allows user-specific customizations
Supports multiple languages
Designed for professional use
Always User-controlled
Prioritizes data security
Adapts to various email formats
Features human-like writing style
Doesn't send without user consent
Email responses editable
Guarantees confidentiality
Helps save time


Cannot match personal or brand tone
Cannot organize old emails
Limited customization options
No API mentioned
Not made for personal use
Lacks email management features


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