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One AI interface to interact with all your apps
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Native AI is an AI tool designed to simplify the use of applications by providing a universal interface. It aims to eliminate the need for context switching, combats the complexity of certain user interfaces (UIs), and reduces the requirement for manual tasks.

The platform integrates with a broad range of applications, offering users a centralized location to manage their workloads. It enables interactions at a fast pace, whether that involves viewing customer messages, tracking bugs, or generating reports across apps.

Interaction methods include typing, speaking, or clicking to communicate with the AI, with the provision of commands or autocomplete options to streamline processes further.

Its user interface is designed to be simple and intention-focused, allowing users to right-click to receive AI suggestions based on the current context.

Native AI carries automation capabilities as well; it can suggest automation techniques within your workflows, facilitating tasks such as filing tickets or sharing messages using natural language processing.

It appeals to various professionals, including product managers, engineers, and business owners, who value the integrated and efficient workspace it provides.


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Pros and Cons


Universal interface
Eliminates context switching
Simplifies complex UIs
Reduces manual tasks
Integrates with multiple apps
Centralized workload management
Fast paced interactions
Typing, speaking, or clicking interactions
Automation capabilities
Professional tool
Natural Language Processing
Productivity enhancement
Cmd or autocomplete options
Intent-driven simple interface
Automates ticket filing
Automates message sharing
Applicable for various professionals
Reduces app overload
Commands for fast work
Autocomplete for efficiency
Minimizes UI clunkiness
Automation suggestions within workflows
Interaction methods versatility
Supports interaction with Gmail
Supports interaction with Jira
Supports interaction with Slack
Supports shortcuts use
Streamlines app use process
Broad application integration
Fast across all tools
Natural language tasks automation
Work done faster
Intention-focused simple UI


Limited interaction methods
Unspecified automation limitations
Potential compatibility issues
Not fully customizable
Over-reliance on commands
Requires learning new interface
Integrates with unspecified applications
Unspecified speed of interaction
Potential privacy concerns
In beta stage (alpha)


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