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Workflow automation for security and beyond.
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Blink is a workflow automation platform that leverages artificial intelligence to simplify the building, collaboration, and scaling of security integrations and beyond.

It is designed with a diverse range of use cases, offering different features like a Workflow Editor, Automation Library, and Case Management. These features facilitate various tasks, from security orchestration automation and response (SOAR) to governance, risk and compliance management.Various use cases supported include Security Operations Center & Incident Response, Cloud Security, Vulnerability Management, IT Security, and Identity & Access Management.

Blink's advantage over typical SOAR platforms is in its ease of automation. New workflows can be built and launched without the need for a technical engineer.

This is made possible by Blink Copilot, which combines numerous native integrations with Generative AI. Blink supports thousands of pre-built integrations across leading security vendors for immediate automation.

The platform also offers AI-powered automation for high-ROI solutions, aimed at helping security teams and business leaders secure a wide variety of use cases quickly and easily.

Furthermore, it provides case management to help streamline incident investigations, enhance mitigation processes, and hasten incident remediation. Blink offers various automation approaches suitable for different users no-code for quick results, low-code for customization, and code-based for the experienced pros.


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Pros and Cons


Workflow automation for security
Various use cases
No need for technical engineer
Blink Copilot feature
Thousands of pre-built integrations
Immediate automation
Streamlined case management
Different automation approaches
Security orchestration automation
Risk and compliance management
Handles high-ROI solutions
Supports diverse range of tasks
Facilitates quick incident remediation
Offers no-code, low-code, code-based options
Large automation library
Various integration with other platforms
Ease of building workflows
Enables efficient scaling
Simplified collaboration features
Supports multiple security vendors
Secures a variety of use cases
Enhances mitigation processes
Identity and Access Management
Vulnerability Management feature
Cloud security Capabilities
Security Ops Center & Incident response
IT security capabilities
Integrated workflow editor
Automated incident response
Supports GRC compliance checks
Offers custom guardrails for IT/SaaS security
Auto vulnerability identification and action
Quick Automation of Cloud Security
Enforce controls for GRC
Speedy approvals flows for IAM
Blink Case Management Screenshot
Significant time savings
Decreases burnout from alert response
Creates new cloud workflows
Automated provisioning
Complete control over access
Streamlined no-code automation
24/7/365 automation coverage
High Industry security standards
GDPR Compliance
Decentralized and cloud-native
Modern cloud and security operations


Limited documentation
No multi-platform support
Limited customization
Dependent on Blink Copilot
Limited API integrations
Ease of use varies
Limited governance and compliance functionality
No explicit data management features
Unclear security features


What is Blinkops?
How does Blinkops use AI?
What features does Blinkops offer?
What exactly does Blink's Workflow Editor do?
What is included in Blink's Automation Library?
In what type of situations would I use Blink's Case Management?
How is Blinkops' approach to security orchestration automation different from other platforms?
What is Blink Copilot and how does it work?
Which security vendors does Blink support integrations with?
Can I build and launch new workflows in Blink without a technical engineer?
Who mainly uses Blinkops?
What issues can Blinkops help me solve?
How can Blinkops help streamline incident investigations?
What capabilities does Blinkops offer for governance, risk and compliance management?
What do you mean by 'no-code', 'low-code', and 'code-based' in Blink's automation approaches?
How does Blinkops abide by industry security and compliance standards?
How does Blink's AI-powered automation work?
Does Blinkops offer any resources or guides for its users?
Which team usually handles Blinkops? IT or Security?
How can Blinkops contribute to cost savings in an organization?

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