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Accurate ChatGPT responses from your content, without making up facts.
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CustomGPT is revolutionizing the way businesses manage their knowledge and interact with information. This no-code AI platform serves as a powerful central search agent, streamlining data organization and accessibility across various domains. By integrating CustomGPT, companies can significantly enhance the effectiveness of their customer service, sales, and marketing strategies. Furthermore, this tool boosts employee efficiency by simplifying the retrieval and utilization of information. With its user-friendly interface and robust capabilities, CustomGPT is becoming an indispensable resource for businesses looking to optimize their operations and leverage data-driven insights for growth and success.

Main Use Cases:
Knowledge Management (Onboarding & Training, Internal Search Tool, and Competitive Analysis)
Topic Research (Customer Service, Engagement Analytics, and Help Center Optimization)
Customer Engagement (Research Assitance, Content Analysis and Site Search)

Unique Value Propositions: On a Standard Plan
Most Accurate AI Platform on the market - Anti-Hallucination Technology
Ingest 1400+ types of documents, over 60 Million Words
Sitemap Integration and support in 92 different languages
Create 10 separate AI agents under one account
Deploy your agent as a live chat, embbedded on your website, through SGE, API, or by creating an AI assistant.
Include Citations in responses
SOC-2 Compliant

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Standard: $99 A month ($89 if paid Annually)
Premium: $499 A month ($449 if Annual)
Enterprise (Must Contact CustomGPT)

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Pros and Cons


ChatGPT-4 powered
Business-grade interface
Absence of hallucinations
Supports multiple formats
Sitemap integration
Multiple data source integrations
Support for 92 languages
Create custom chatbots
Public or private chatbot access
Embeddable on websites
API access for developers
Improves customer service
Speedy personalised responses
Consistent brand voice and tone
No-code setup
1400+ document formats supported
Provides citations and sources
Can be public or private
LiveChat integration
Supports multiple use-cases
Removes need for search boxes
Instant queries from business content
Improved sales via conversations
Personalized product recommendations
Automated virtual assistance
Indexed business content
Increased efficiency
Improved customer experience
Provides competitive advantage
Protects brand integrity
Automates repetitive tasks
No-code website integration
Available in 92 languages
Embed your custom GPT
Custom GPT via API
Custom pricing models
Personalized GPT-4 Powered responses
Easy no-code setup
CompanyName Branding removal
Sitemap Auto-Sync
Explorable Analytics
Prioritized indexing
Scalable data query and seat capacity
Enterprise Security
Custom Single Sign-On
Token Authentication


Limited team members branding in Premium
No free tier
Limited GPT-4 queries
May need advanced subscription for advanced features


What is
How is powered by ChatGPT-4?
What languages does support?
What document formats are supported by
How does ensures privacy-first and security?
How does avoid 'hallucinations'?
Can I integrate with my website?
Does offer API access for developers?
What is the rapid response system of
How can improve customer service?
How does maintain the brand voice and tone consistency?
What does the customer engagement functionality in do?
Can be used for topic research?
How does convert business content into ChatGPT responses?
Can I set up public and private access on chatbots?
Can I use for multi-source data integration?
How does support multiple languages?
Can help in creating custom chatbots?
Does support sitemap integration?
How does support customer service improvement?

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