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Enhancing customer experience with AI at every step.
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Intellecta is an AI-powered tool designed to enhance customer experience at all stages of the customer journey. It employs generative pre-trained transformer models for instant response to customer inquiries across various platforms such as chat, social media, and email in any language, and is available 24/7.

Trained on company-specific data, Intellecta can handle a variety of tasks from product inquiries to presales to returns and exchanges. The tool also automates social media engagement by liking and replying to comments, direct messages, and moderates by flagging and removing negative comments.

Moreover, real-time insights can be extracted from social networks, email, and chat interactions to understand customer engagement and identify trends early.

Customizable features allow the adoption of a companys individual brand voice and style. It keeps its knowledge continually updated by linking with a company's website, learning details about policies, products, FAQs, and more.

It allows manual input for precise knowledge integration and customer support enhancement. The tool provides an AI copilot for ecommerce platforms and supports seamless integration with various e-commerce applications.


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Pros and Cons


Supports multi-language
Available 24/7
Real-time insights extraction
Automates social media engagement
Email automation
Chat Automation
Company-specific data training
Handles diverse customer tasks
Customizable features
Brand voice adoption
Continuous learning from website
Allows manual input
Seamless integration with e-commerce
Automated content moderation
Identifies trends early
Customer support enhancement
Handles returns and exchanges
Teachable like an intern
Keeps brand voice
Customer happiness analytics
Handles presales inquiries
Automated flagging of negativity
Real-time customer engagement understanding
Multiple language versions
Direct answers to FAQs
Various pricing plans
Integration with popular tools
Autonomous ticket resolution


Limited customizability
Potential misunderstanding of inquiries
Limited ecommerce integrations
No multi-channel support
Inaccuracy in removing comments
Reliance on company data
Costly for additional messages
Lacks advanced analytics
Manual data input required
No offline functionality


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Can Intellecta handle returns and exchanges automation?
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How does Intellecta protect my brand's reputation on social media?
How does Intellecta extract real-time insights from customer interactions?
What specific data does Intellecta learn from a company's website?
How does Intellecta handle negative comments on social media?
Can I customize the voice and style of Intellecta to match my brand?
How does Intellecta help with presales enquiries?
Do I need to provide any training data for Intellecta?
How does Intellecta understand and reply to customers in any language?
What kind of documents or data can be uploaded for Intellecta?
How does Intellecta manage 24/7 customer support?
Can Intellecta identify and report trends in customer engagement?
Can I teach Intellecta about my company specifics?

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