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Boost engagement and grow your subscriber list with our AI Assistant.
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f13o is an AI-powered tool designed to enhance user engagement and grow the subscriber base for website or eCommerce platforms. The tool, named 'Chat with Page', can be integrated seamlessly onto your website via a simple script installation process.

The assistant interacts with the site's content and responds to user inquiries, providing detailed information on the topics they show interest in. This interaction extends the time users spend on the site and can potentially increase revenue and the count of subscribers.

The AI assistant processes only publicly available information, ensuring no private data is stored or shared. Aside from improving users' engagement, other key benefits of using this tool include an ability to provide fast and accurate answers to user queries and a lead capturing feature, which all contribute positively to search engine rankings.

To start using 'Chat with Page', you will need to sign-up for an account, select a plan that suits your needs and then embed the script on your website.

Subsequently, you can customize the chat box to match your sites niche and commence engaging with visitors.


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Pros and Cons


Enhances user engagement
Grows subscriber base
Suitable for eCommerce platforms
Can integrate seamlessly
Script installation process
Interacts with site content
Detailed information provision
Increases user site time
Potentially increases revenue
Processes only public information
Ensures data privacy
Fast responses to queries
Lead Capturing feature
Improves search engine rankings
Customizable chat box
Instant user results
Effortless tool integration
Provides seamless experience
Increased product visibility
Enables email addresses capture
Different pricing plans
GPT 3.5 Turbo
Subscribe Emails feature
Provision for webhooks/Zapier
Easy tool installation
Image Recognition feature
Enhances user discovery journey
Transforms user site experience
Increases ad impressions
Grows user's list
Offers quick subscriber growth


Only processes public information
Script installation required
Paid plans
Lead capturing limited
Chatbox customization needed
Limited pageviews depending on plan
No image recognition in starter plan
Integration not specified for various platforms
No mention of multi-language support
Limited to website/eCommerce platforms


What is f13o?
How does 'Chat with Page' increase user engagement?
How can I integrate 'Chat with Page' on my website?
What information does f13o process?
Does f13o store or share private data?
How does 'Chat with Page' contribute to search engine rankings?
How can I customize the chat box of f13o?
What are the key benefits of using f13o?
How fast can I expect responses from 'Chat with Page'?
How does the lead capturing feature of 'Chat with Page' work?
How do I start using f13o?
How does 'Chat with Page' enhance my subscriber growth?
What are the pricing plans offered by f13o?
Does f13o offer any discounts for first-time customers?
How does 'Chat with Page' contribute to increased revenue?
Is there a limit on pageviews per month with the starter and professional plans?
What additional features are offered in a professional plan?
How can f13o help with answering user queries?
Can 'Chat with Page' function with my eCommerce platform?
How can I contact customer support?]

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