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Simulacrum AI is an AI-powered tool that provides support in customer service, lead generation, and data management. Its notable feature is its Conversational AI that stands in as a chat assistant, designed to imitate human-like interaction for customer inquiries, thereby significantly reducing website support queries.

The tool sets up a knowledge base where user interactions are tracked, analysed, and used for improving response accuracy and relevance. Within seconds, various documents types like PDFs, DOCX, or TXT files, or even URL-based content, can be integrated into this knowledge base.

To match with the brand identity, users can customize the chat type, color theme, titles, and add their brand's logo. Another feature is its seamless ability for lead generation where Simulacrum AI identifies call to action or user request actions, summarizes those requests, creates leads within the system, and subsequently notifies the admin via email.

It also facilitates auto ticket creation, suggesting the creation of a support ticket whenever it's unable to process user inquiries. Simulacrum AI integrates smoothly with other CRM tools, automatically creating or attaching tickets while analysing the conversation for status and ticket priority.

It further offers a Help Center feature to address its usage, pricing plans, and other relevant queries. The service also offers a free trial for new users.


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Pros and Cons


Supports customer service
Assists in lead generation
Manages data
Imitates human interaction
Reduces website support queries
Knowledge base creation
Tracks user interactions
Analyses user interactions
Improves response accuracy
Improves response relevance
Integrates documents rapidly
Supports PDFs, DOCX, TXT files
Supports URL-based content
Customizable chat type
Customizable color theme
Customizable titles
Allows logo addition
Identifies call to action
Summarizes user requests
Creates leads internally
Notifications via email
Facilitates auto ticket creation
Seamless CRM integration
Automates ticket creation/attachment
Chat analysis for ticket status
Chat analysis for ticket priority
Provides Help Center
Free trial available
Simple brand customization
Quick setup in minutes
Supports website integration
Detects all CTAs
Summarizes and saves CTAs
Automatic lead creation
Email notification for leads
Suggestion for ticket creation
Efficient CRM ticket management


No multilingual support mentioned
Limited customization options
Possibly limited CRM integrations
No chatbot voice support
Unclear ticketing system
Limited document type support
No mobile application
Limited trial usage


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Is Simulacrum AI capable of analyzing status from conversation?
How can I start the free trial with Simulacrum AI?
Are there any specific types of documents that Simulacrum AI cannot import into the knowledge base?

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