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Chatsome is an AI-powered tool that enables businesses to automate various elements of their customer interaction and sales processes. Its key feature is an intelligent chatbot which can be deployed on business websites.

Present within the customer interaction and sales process, it can answer queries about a product, assist in closing sales, and automate elements of customer support.

The tool is designed to reduce the manual workload of employees by fielding common questions and providing real-time responses. Users can also customize the look and feel of the chatbot to ensure it aligns with their brand aesthetics.

Chatsome offers flexibility for businesses of all sizes, with their model allowing for unlimited conversations, unlimited chatbots, and a pricing structure based on message volume.

Despite the tier of usage, 24-hour support response time is provided to all users. Larger enterprises will have access to advanced features like GPT-4 and a 'Reseller' option.

This tool can play a vital role in streamlining customer interactions and optimizing business operations.


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Pros and Cons


Automates customer interaction
Automates sales processes
Intelligent chatbot feature
Chatbot deployable on websites
Real-time responses
Chatbot appearance customization
Handles product queries
Aids in closing sales
Automates customer support
Reduces employee manual workload
Unlimited conversations option
Unlimited chatbots option
Message volume based pricing
24-hour support response
Access to advanced features
GPT-4 utilization
Reseller option for enterprises
Streamlines customer interactions
Optimizes business operations
Flexible for all business sizes


Pricing based on message volume
24-hour support response time
Limited customizability
No multi-language support
Limited to business websites
No mentioned integration support
Advanced features for enterprises only
No available mobile app
No 'Reseller' for smaller tiers
Unspecified access to GPT-4


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What is the role of Chatsome in optimizing business operations?
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What is the 'Reseller' option provided by Chatsome?
Can Chatsome's chatbot be deployed on my business website?
How can Chatsome reduce the manual workload of my employees?
Can Chatsome's chatbot assist in closing sales?
Does Chatsome provide real-time responses to customer queries?
Can Chatsome's chatbot handle product queries?
How does Chatsome contribute to business branding?
Is Chatsome suitable for small-size businesses?
Does Chatsome offer a free trial or demo?
Is there a limit on the number of messages I can send with Chatsome?
What are the available payment frequencies for Chatsome?

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