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The ultimate free AI chatbot platform for real-time conversations
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Engati is an AI-driven chatbot platform designed to facilitate real-time conversations across various channels such as WhatsApp, Messenger, and more. This platform operates by integrating the prowess of GPT (Generative Pretrained Transformer) and LLMS (Language Model) to enhance customer experience.

Engati is versatile enough to be used in multiple industries including E-Commerce, Retail, Logistics, Edtech, Travel, Hospitality, Insurance, Banking, Government, and Real Estate.

It offers features such as an AI chatbot, WhatsApp and Instagram chatbots, an Omnichannel engagement system, and multi-lingual conversations. Additionally, Engati provides an integrations functionality and a low-code bot builder.

The platform can be extended by adding live chat functionality for real-time communication and eSenseGPT for exceptional bot training. The platform helps in automating customer interactions, lead generation, and providing 24/7 support.

It also provides streamlined communication with the feature of setting quick replies, closing sales, and collaborating with customers in real-time.


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Pros and Cons


Real-time conversations
Integrates GPT and LLMS
Versatile, suitable for many industries
WhatsApp and Instagram chatbots
Omnichannel engagement system
Supports multi-lingual conversations
Low-code bot builder integration
Extendable with live chat functionality
eSenseGPT for bot training
Automation of customer interactions
24/7 support
Quick replies feature
Sales closing functionalities
Real-time customer collaboration
Functional on multiple platforms
Streamlined communication
Lead generation capabilities
Engages users across multiple channels
Suitable for E-commerce, Retail, Logistics
Effective for Edtech, Travel, Hospitality
Useful in Insurance, Banking, Government
Ideal for Real Estate industry
Natural Language Processing
Bot training support
Multiple integrations capability


Limited bot training options
No desktop app
No voice bot support
Limited integration options
Lacks advanced analytics
No mention of GDPR compliance
Unclear pricing structure
No developer support


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What is eSenseGPT in Engati?
How does Engati assist in automating interactions?
What types of chatbots does Engati offer?
How does Engati assist with lead generation?
Does Engati support multi-lingual conversations?
Can Engati provide 24/7 support?
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What is a WhatsApp chatbot in Engati?
What is Omnichannel engagement in Engati?
What is the cost for a WhatsApp chatbot with Engati?

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