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Elevate your Salesforce consulting with AI.
Generated by ChatGPT is an AI-powered tool designed to support Salesforce consultants in creating solutions, estimates, and proposals swiftly and accurately.

The tool leverages advanced AI capabilities to transform inputs into detailed proposals in few minutes. Beyond proposal generation, the AI-assisted enhancement feature helps consultants fine-tune every aspect of their proposals, ensuring each document is tailored to specific clients and maximizing accuracy.

An AI-recommended feature suggests optimal product features from a database created by AI processing vast volumes of product specifications and data sheets.

The tool also allows consultants to adjust commercial assumptions in line with expert insights and a deep understanding of client's unique needs, enhancing the proposal's relevance and potential impact.

It also has multimodal proposal generation capabilities that accept discovery notes via voice, text, or document upload. Early users have reported significant productivity improvements using

While primarily developed for Salesforce consultants, the tool is compatible with several other SaaS platforms.


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Pros and Cons


Supports Salesforce consultants
Fast proposal creation
Client-specific proposal tailoring
Database of product specifications
Enables commercial assumptions adjustment
Multimodal proposal generation (voice, text, document)
Significantly improves productivity
Compatible with several SaaS platforms
No credit card required for trial
Proposals worth over $500M generated
Commercial insights based on deep understanding
Facilitates complex solutions configuration
Support on various hot SaaS platforms
Schedule implementation help
Case studies availability for reference
High sales cycle acceleration
Helps maintain deal momentum
Boosts proposal demands handling
Sample proposals available


Specific to Salesforce consultants
Lacks offline capabilities
No multi-language support
Limited SaaS platform compatibility
Dependent on data quality
No collaborative features
No API mentioned
May oversimplify complex proposals
Need for manual commercial adjustments
Tailoring may not be perfect


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Does support multimodal input for proposal generation?
What is the AI-assisted enhancement feature in
Does allow adjustment of commercial assumptions?
What are the commercial insights provided by
How does handle data processing?
Can generate client-specific proposals?
How has improved productivity for its early users?
What type of information can I input into for proposal generation?
How secure is the AI used in
Is there a free trial available for
What formats does accept for document upload?
How does the AI in process product specifications and data sheets?
Does provide end-to-end consulting support?
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