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Automate Sales with AI, source more leads and personalize emails.
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Hyperscale is an AI-powered platform designed to automate the sales process by sourcing customer leads and handling personalized email outreach. The system utilizes cutting-edge AI to discover, verify, and generate leads from multiple popular databases.

Subsequently, the tool creates and sends high-response personalized messages tailored uniquely to every recipient, thereby boosting engagement rates. Hyperscale also allows users to define their ideal audience, specifying the necessary criteria to gather millions of verified leads precisely tailored to their needs.

The features also support personalization at large scale, with messages adapted according to the recipient's role, interests, specific needs, and professional background.

Additionally, Hyperscale offers omnichannel campaign management, enabling users to connect to multiple platforms such as Gmail, Outlook, LinkedIn, and even Instagram for wider outreach.

It further integrates with any Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system for streamlined operations. The platform also supports scheduling, allowing users to choose follow-up cadence, respectful outreach times optimized for read and response rates, among other parameters.

Its versatility extends its application across various sectors such as B2B services, B2B software, and Direct-To-Consumer products, and facilitates integration with the user's existing workflow.


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Pros and Cons


Automates sales process
Sources customer leads
Handles personalized email outreach
Discovers, verifies, generates leads
Utilizes multiple popular databases
Creates high-response personalized messages
Boosts engagement rates
Allows audience definition
Gathers millions of verified leads
Supports large-scale personalization
Adapts messages to recipient's traits
Offers omnichannel campaign management
Connects to Gmail, Outlook, LinkedIn, Instagram
Integrates with any CRM
Supports scheduling and follow-up cadence
Optimized for read and response rates
Versatile across B2B, D2C sectors
Facilitates workflow integration
Describes and sources ideal customers
Lead data is instant, up-to-date
Offers business contact details
Refers similar companies to clients
Generates data on physical locations
Adapts message to recipient's details
Adds personal touch to messages
Automates campaigns
Sets respectful outreach times
Connects your digital accounts
Efficient follow-ups
Scales any operation
Works with B2B, B2C, B2G operations
Dedicated account manager for Growth plan
Fine-tunes messages for higher conversion
Prevents spamming with personalized outreach
Message control before sending out
Integrates with mainstream CRMs
Exports data in .csv format
Consumes credits only for successful leads
Checks edited message drafts
Improves messages over time for better responses
Verifies work contact information
No minimum contract policy
Suitable for B2B, D2C, B2G companies
Affiliate program availability
Features an Inbound Marketing partner
Suitable for large enterprises and solopreneurs
Targets based on industry, job title, geographical location, company size


Dependent on multiple databases
Limited to popular platforms
Precision of ideal audience criteria
Dependent on traditional CRM systems
May not fit all business sectors
May struggle with unusual needs
Linked to existing workflow
Limited personalization
Targeting based on public data only


What is Hyperscale?
How does Hyperscale automate the sales process?
What AI technology does Hyperscale use?
How does Hyperscale source and verify customer leads?
How does Hyperscale support email personalization?
How does Hyperscale support audience definition?
What is meant by Hyperscale supporting personalization at large scale?
How does Hyperscale manage omnichannel campaigns?
Which platforms can Hyperscale connect to?
How does Hyperscale integrate with a CRM system?
How does the scheduling feature work in Hyperscale?
Can Hyperscale be used in different sectors?
What make Hyperscale different from other sales automation tools?
What role does AI play in Hyperscale's lead generation?
How is the response rate boosted using Hyperscale?
Can Hyperscale adapt messages according to recipient's role and interests?
Can Hyperscale choose the follow-up cadence?
Does Hyperscale have any use in political campaigns or job applications?
How does Hyperscale ensure its data is up-to-date and cross-platform?
Can I connect multiple email accounts to Hyperscale?

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