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Automate your email outreach with AI.
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SalesBlink is a comprehensive AI-powered tool primarily used for cold email outreach automation. It incorporates BlinkGPT AI technology to aid in writing emails, creating sequences, and personalizing email content, all geared towards making the process of getting booked appointments easier for the user.

Notably, the tool also supports email warmup functionality to improve email and domain reputation, enhancing the likelihood of emails landing in the desired inbox.

SalesBlink offers integration capabilities, allowing users to send emails with follow-ups and log activity in their CRM system for prospects. The tool also includes a meeting scheduler feature which accommodates the convenience of prospects in various time zones.

For user-friendly monitoring and performance enhancement, it offers customizable dashboards for a quick view and comprehensive reports for outreach improvements.


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Pros and Cons


SalesBlink incorporates BlinkGPT
Automates cold email outreach
Provides email personalization
Features email warmup
Improves email and domain reputation
Helps emails land in inbox
Allows CRM integration
Logs activity in CRM system
Offers meeting scheduling
Accommodates various time zones
Customizable user dashboards
Provides comprehensive outreach reports
Supports appointment booking
Sends emails with follow-ups
User-friendly monitoring
Trusted by 5000+ businesses
Allows active inboxes
Moves spam to inbox
Smart replies functionality
Duplex leads categorization method
Unifies responses with BlinkGPT
Dynamic sequence creation with BlinkGPT
Creates sales sequences in minutes
Comprehensive deliverability reports
Automated email warmup process
Customizable meeting availability
Time-zone aware scheduling
Integrated calendar sync
Promotes lead categorization
Unified inbox for leads
Clients include high performing businesses
Provides high ROI for sales
7-day free trial available
High deliverability rate
Email verification feature
Supports mail merging
Email deliverability tracker
Offers comparison with competitors


No multi-language support
Limited CRM integrations
Lacks phone support
No real-time collaboration
No in-app chat support
Limited customization
No social media integration
No offline functionality
No mobile app
No free version


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