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Generate photorealistic images with AI from anywhere.
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Robopic is an AI tool that generates photorealistic images and videos of people. The tool is designed to replace the need for a professional photographer, offering the user the capability to conduct a photo shoot from the convenience of their computing device.

The uniqueness of Robopic lies in its ability to use a person's uploaded selfies to create an AI model. Users can then leverage this AI model to generate images in any chosen pose, location, or action.

Furthermore, the tool allows the conversion of any AI-generated photo into videos, expanding the range of media production possibility. The tool features pre-set photo packs with varying styles, eliminating the need for the user to write prompts or set parameters.

Instead, Robopic autonomously takes a set of photos based on the chosen pack. Robopic particularly distinguishes itself from other AI image generators through its high resemblance, photorealism, and high-resolution output.

Additionally, the tool maintains the user's ethnicity in the generated images, ensuring a clear and sharp representation.


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Robopic was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 2nd 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Generates photorealistic images
Generates photorealistic videos
Creates images from selfies
Generates images in any pose
Generates images in any location
Generates images of any action
Converts images into videos
No need for setting parameters
Uses preset photo pack styles
Maintains user's ethnicity
High-definition output
Remote media production
Professional avatars creation
Single click photo shoots
20+ photo packs to choose
Creates images for dating profiles
Creates professional headshots
Consistently adds new photo packs
Clear and sharp image representation
Superior detail in photography
High resemblance to uploaded selfies
High level of photorealism
Saves money on professional photographers
Ability to use on laptop
Ability to use on phone
Generates multiple photos in a pack
Maintains clear and sharp representation
Unparalleled customization options
Extreme detail photography feature
Eliminates need for professional photographer
No hard work of writing prompts
Significant resemblance and photorealism
Various photo pack styles
Maintains ethnicity in images


Requires user uploads
Limited pose flexibility
No manual parameter setting
Limited style packs
Potentially maintains stereotypes
Dependent on selfie quality
No real-time generation
Video conversion restrictions
Not suitable for all industry
Membership required for packs


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Can Robopic produce high-resolution images and videos?
Can I generate images in any pose, location or action with Robopic?
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How can I sign up for Robopic?
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How does Robopic ensure clear and sharp representation?
Can I use Robopic for all my media production needs?

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