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Tess is the first and only AI Image Generator that pays artists when it uses their visual style. Each Tess model is trained with an artist's specific style (on 10-20 images), generating illustrations in that same unique aesthetic.

Artists can opt for a private model, which they use themselves, or a public model where they can earn usage royalties when customers use their generator.

Because every model is properly licensed through a transparent Contributor Agreement, creators can use Tess without fear of copyright infringement. 70% of people think an artist should be compensated when AI copies their style; Tess is the first platform that makes this possible.

Tess also incorporates an image editing feature that empowers users to tailor the generated images, refind prompts, erase extra elements, and generate in any aspect ratio.

For teams looking for branded illustrations or editorial art, Tess offers the ability to create or select a single style. Maintain a consistent aesthetic across all your content with Tess.

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May 2, 2024
Very expensive for general users (The most basic access is $20 a month and the top tier is $80). Seems interesting for artists, but seems odd to spend $20-80 a month to generate art in your own style, so unless you make your models public not sure it makes much sense.
May 2, 2024
"no pricing" yet you only get 1 prompt for free
May 1, 2024
For a blogger, Tess is way easier to use than other prompt generators. You can get prompt ideas, use an AI eraser, paste the full text of an article to get prompts, re-generate, fix mistakes, upscale, and more. I love the image to image feature. Knowing which artist you're generating in their style makes the platform feel more human-centric and more ethical.

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