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Write a prompt, create images, and buy your art.
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Negative Space Beta is an AI tool designed to convert written prompts into generated images. The user interacts with the system by typing a short description of an image they would like to create, at which point the AI creates an image that reflects the details in the prompt.

A feature of this utility is that it allows users to create up to two images without creating an account. Once the image is generated, the user can choose to have the image printed on a variety of products including stickers, canvases, or posters.

These products can be added to the shopping cart and purchased directly within the application. The finished product is then delivered to the user. In terms of support, Negative Space Beta provides a help contact for users to approach if they encounter any problems or need assistance with their experience.


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May 20, 2024
Error generating image.

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Pros and Cons


Generates images from text
On-demand image creation
No account needed initially
Direct in-app product purchase
Variety of print products
Finished product delivery
User support service
E-commerce integration
Directly convert prompts to images
Short prompt-based interaction
Personalized digital art
Print-on-demand facility
Text to Image conversion
Customizable print merchandise


Limited free image generation
No bulk image generation
Lacks offline functionality
Restricted customization options
No integration with other platforms
Limited support channels
Delivery information not clear
No multi-language support
No image editing tools


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What retail technology is used in Negative Space Beta?
Can I customize merchandise with Negative Space Beta?
How does Negative Space Beta deliver the finished product?
What type of images can Negative Space Beta generate from my prompt?
Is there a login process if I want to create more than two images with Negative Space Beta?
Does Negative Space Beta offer any follow-up online support if I encounter any problem?

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