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IDjpg is an AI tool that transforms standard photos into distinct artistic styles while retaining the personal features of the subject in the photo. The tool can translate your photos into an array of styles such as 3D, caricature, line art, anime, and movies.

It harnesses advanced AI models to analyze and recreate your photos in your chosen style. The tool requires a photo with a visible face, a chosen style, and a prompt for the best results.

Custom styles can be created, prompts can be adjusted and advanced settings allow users to control the similarity of the result with the original picture.

The tool is primarily designed for encouraging creative exploration. There is a processing time of around 40 to 60 seconds per image. For reasons of data privacy, the uploaded images as well as the processed results are deleted immediately after processing with no data saved.

It is a paid service due to the high computational requirements of each transformation. There's a provision to provide refunds for tasks that encountered an error.

The tool supports multiple languages and offers different payment options.


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Pros and Cons


Transforms photos into art
Various artistic styles
Personal features retention
Custom style creation
Fine-tuning with advanced settings
Facilitates creative exploration
Reasonable processing time
Strong data privacy
Offer refunds for errors
Supports multiple languages
Multiple payment options
High-resolution image output
Generates caricature, anime
Works with line-art
Creates 3D Imaging
Supports customizable prompts
Doesn't save any data
Potential for creative exploration
Option for face similarity control
Option for pose similarity control
Requires visible face only
Secure data handling
Offers error refunds
Array of transformation options
Adjustable prompts functionality
Free trial available
High computational demands
Diverse payment options
Popularity based price plans
Fast processing speed
Refund on faulty tasks
Ease of use
Does not store images
Adjustable image similarity
Prioritized queue for purchases
Multi-lingual support
Network error notifications
Contact support option
Accessible from multiple devices
Prompt-based image creation
Suitable for single faces


Paid service
Requires visible face
Data isn't saved
Advanced settings complexity
Potential for transformation errors
No offline use
40 to 60 seconds processing
Small face limitations
Not suitable for bulk processing
Difficult refund process


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What payment options are available for IDjpg?
Do I need a photo with a visible face to use IDjpg?
How can I control the similarity of the result with the original picture on IDjpg?
What is the main purpose of the IDjpg tool?
What elements of the picture does IDjpg analyse to create the transformation?
Can I adjust the prompts when using IDjpg?
How does IDjpg handle images after they are processed?
What happens if the face in my photo is too small for IDjpg to process?
Why does IDjpg have network errors?
Do I get my GPU time refunded for tasks that encounter an error in IDjpg?
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What resolution of images can IDjpg process?

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