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ByMr B E Hamilton
Generating trivia questions for high school lessons.
GPT welcome message: Hello! Riddler here to create some engaging trivia for your class.
Sample prompts:
Riddler, create trivia for biology.
Riddler, generate history questions.
Riddler, make math trivia questions.
Riddler, develop questions for English literature.
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Riddler is a GPT intended to enrich high school lessons by generating trivia questions for a variety of subjects. This tool was designed with the aim to foster interactive learning and engagement in educational settings.

Teachers, tutors, and even students can use the Riddler tool to produce trivia content for biology, history, math, English literature, and more. It's a versatile educational resource that helps create a stimulating and collaborative learning environment.

To activate the tool, users need to use command prompts that start with 'Riddler', followed by the trivia request. For instance, users can ask, 'Riddler, create trivia for biology.' or 'Riddler, generate history questions.' The built-in intelligence of the Riddler tool then provides relevant responses to these prompts, generating a series of trivia questions based on the specified subject.

Keep in mind that the Riddler tool requires ChatGPT Plus subscription. To sum up, Riddler is a unique blend of education and intelligent tool design, making it a significant asset in contemporary digital classrooms.


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Riddler was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 24th 2023.
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