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ByKai Zhang
A Data Science interviewer
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I am a DS beginner, give me easy questions.
I am a medium level DS learner.
I am advanced DS, challenge me!
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Easy Learning GPT is a specialized tool developed atop ChatGPT to act as a Data Science interviewer. This GPT exemplifies a unique application, aiming predominantly at learners and aspirants of data science.

It caters to three levels of learners - beginners, intermediate, or advanced learners. This tool is designed to scale the difficulty of its questions based on the user's level, and it essentially works by providing pertinent prompts to instigate discussion or question sessions.

For a beginner data science enthusiast, the tool can generate easier questions, on the other hand, for a more experienced data science learner or expert, the tool poses more challenging, in-depth questions.

What distinguishes Easy Learning GPT is its intuitive interaction, which makes it a great educational resource. Users should note that access to Easy Learning GPT requires ChatGPT Plus.

Easy Learning GPT is further solidified by its welcoming user interface, triggering a sense of personal interaction via its welcoming messages. This aspect reflects thoughtfulness towards user experience, as it encourages users to engage more openly and to learn effectively.

Therefore, users are granted an environment to sharpen their data science skills interactively, regardless of their current proficiency levels.


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