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Advanced English language learning journeys
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TutorAi is an AI-powered learning tool designed to enhance and optimize your learning experience. By combining techniques such as Ultralearning and a powerful generative AI engine, TutorAi aims to make your learning more dynamic and effective.

The tool offers engaging and personalized content, allowing you to choose from a range of topics, including Business English, Legal English, Sports, Sustainability, and more.TutorAi also provides a study plan with gap analysis, whether you prefer to study alone or with a teacher.

The tool integrates the largest English skills map, offering over 400 skills to optimize your time and learning process. You can become more confident, improve your participation in meetings, and develop more refined and assertive speaking skills.TutorAi optimizes your learning journey by utilizing artificial intelligence and a skills decoder.

This combination ensures that all activities and skills practiced are tailored to optimize your time and performance. The tool caters to both free users and monthly subscribers, offering various features such as progressive quizzes, grammar diagnosis, skills gaps analysis, personalized study plans, and real-time student progress tracking for teachers.TutorAi was developed by a team of language teaching experts, AI professionals, and education enthusiasts.

Their aim is to provide an efficient and engaging learning experience for advanced English students. With a commitment to continuous improvement and innovation, TutorAi seeks to revolutionize English learning and help individuals achieve professional and personal success in a globalized world.


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Pros and Cons


Ultralearning techniques
Dynamic learning
Personalized content
Gap analysis study plan
Largest English skills map
Multiple topics available
Confidence and speaking skills boost
Skills decoder
Optimizes time and performance
Free access available
Progressive quizzes
Grammar diagnosis
Skills gap analysis
Real-time student progress tracking
Automated activities for teachers
Developed by language experts
Continuous improvement commitment
Suitable for advanced English students
Enhanced learning efficiency
Multiple subscription options
Up to 26% time saving


No multi-language support
Only for advanced English
Limited topics
No offline availability
No non-subscriber progress tracking
Not beginner-friendly
Not for casual learning
Limited to English skills
No game-like learning methods


What is the purpose of TutorAi?
How does TutorAi use AI to enhance learning?
What topics does TutorAi offer for learning English?
What is the Ultralearning technique used in TutorAi?
Can TutorAi help me to improve my English for business or legal purposes?
How does the study plan and gap analysis feature in TutorAi work?
What is the English skills map in TutorAi?
How does the skills decoder in TutorAi enhance my learning?
What are the features available to free users of TutorAi?
What are the benefits of a monthly subscription in TutorAi?
Does TutorAi offer real-time student progress tracking for teachers?
Why should I use TutorAi instead of other English learning tools?
Who developed TutorAi and what was their motivation?
How can TutorAi help improve my participation in meetings and refine my assertive speaking skills?
What kind of learners does TutorAi cater to?
How does TutorAi plan to revolutionize English learning?
Can I study alone with TutorAi?
What is the benefit of the grammar diagnosis feature in TutorAi?
What does TutorAi mean by offering a personalized study plan?
How does TutorAi ensure that all activities and skills are optimized for the student’s time and performance?

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