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Elevate your online school with AI-powered tutor SOLLUTIN.
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Sollutin is an AI-powered study companion designed for online educational platforms. It has the potential to significantly streamline operations by substituting the manual functions of tutors and coordinators.

Developed with the intention of enhancing the online studying experience, Sollutin is designed to deliver top-quality AI tutoring aimed at approximating the efficiency of human guidance.

Ensuring seamless learning, Sollutin is trained on the platform's educational resources. This helps in adequately preparing the AI to provide guidance that accurately aligns with the relevant curriculum.

Rather than just delivering answers, Sollutin adopts a more exploratory approach, promoting constructive dialogue and prompting students to find solutions themselves.

Additionally, it includes a contingency for human support, should a situation arise where the AIs explanations don't fully resonate with the students.

This allows for human tutors to join the conversation, thus providing a more comprehensive understanding of the problematic topic. Its key goals involve reducing operational costs, augmenting the learning process, and ensuring an interactive educational dialogue.


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Pros and Cons


Streamlines educational operations
Substitutes tutors and coordinators
Enhances online studying experience
Efficiency of human guidance
Seamless learning
Trained on educational resources
Accurately aligns with curriculum
Promotes constructive dialogue
Aids in problem solving
Contingency for human support
Facilitates interactive educational dialogue
Reduces operational costs
Augments learning process
Customised learning pathways
Assistance available round-the-clock
Facilitates independent learning
Shaping self-driven learners
Assists in comprehensive understanding
Human guidance on standby


Not completely autonomous
Requires training on materials
Dependent on human support
Doesn't directly provide answers
Needs specific educational platforms
Not suited for traditional classrooms
Potential mismatch in tutoring style
Lacking subject-specific expertise
Unclear data privacy measures
Limited to curriculum-based learning

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