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ByGilbert Andrew
Architectural concept creator for houses and commercial buildings.
GPT welcome message: Hello! Ready to visualize architectural concepts?
Sample prompts:
Generate a modern house design.
Show me a commercial building in Art Deco style.
Create a sustainable residential complex.
Visualize a high-rise office building.
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Building Designs and Plans is a GPT that leverages the technology of DALL-E to function as an architectural concept creator for both houses and commercial buildings.

It is utilized as an accessible add-on to the ChatGPT platform. This GPT is designed to facilitate the visualization of architectural designs and concepts right from scratch.

It is capable of generating various design elements that cover both traditional and modern architectural styles for residential and commercial buildings.

With a broad set of applications, this GPT is suitable for architects, interior designers, students, and anyone interested in architecture and design planning.The user interaction with this GPT begins with a friendly prompt such as 'Generate a modern house design' or 'Visualize a high-rise office building'.

It can also adapt to more specific requests like creating a commercial building in the Art Deco style or visualizing a sustainable residential complex.

In response to these prompts, it leverages the creative potential of DALL-E to generate innovative and visually engaging concepts.Building Designs and Plans GPT is not only beneficial for conceptualizing initial design ideas but also for exploring new architectural styles and staying up-to-date with the latest design trends.

It should be noted that this GPT requires ChatGPT Plus for use. It is important for users to sign up or log in to access this GPT and reap the benefits of its capabilities.In conclusion, Building Designs and Plans is an AI-powered tool that simplifies architectural designing by providing interactive and customizable design plans on demand.


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