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Create Optimized Floor Plans Fast & Efficiently
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Ark is an avant-garde AI platform for architectural schematic design, capable of creating optimized floor plans swiftly and efficiently. The tool is designed to enhance profitability, density and living standards, all within the constraints of US code regulations.

Ark software caters to multi-family and mixed-usage projects and generates optimized building designs instantly, thus enabling architects to facilitate faster and more efficient decision-making processes.

From conceptualization to construction, Ark aids in designing the most profitable configurations optimized for density and profitability. The tool incorporates local building codes and straight ordinances, ensuring legal compliance.

It maximizes your saleable area, number of units, and overall efficiency.


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Apr 28, 2024
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Pros and Cons


Swift floor plan generation
Efficient schematic design
Enhances profitability
Enhances living standards
US code regulation compliance
Multi-family project suitability
Mixed-usage project suitability
Instant building design optimization
Faster decision-making facilitation
Conceptualization to construction support
Density optimization
Saleable area maximization
Unit quantity maximization
Overall efficiency improvement
Local building code compliance
Ordinance compliance
Free trial available
User certifications
Extensive tutorials
Dedicated glossary


Only US code regulations
No single-family project support
Limited to architecture industry
No global building compliance
No standalone mobile application
Lacks custom design options
No live customer support
No offline operations support
No international language support
Difficulty in integrating existing projects


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